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Hi Everyone!

Ok...I know it is all about trends and not one value.  But my labs today came back with a creatinine of 1.13 which is the highest it has been since my transplant 2 1/2 years ago.  My last a month ago was .95.  The highest i have ever been is 1.01.  

I know it is Summer and I just came back from a 2 week vacation in Florida where it was very hot and humid.  I really drowned myself drinking water so I feel a little concerned.  My team will get the results today.  

Is this an extreme jump?  Maybe the veterans can give me some peace of mind or insight.

Thank you and God Bless you all


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  • I would take any of those levels, at any time lol.

    I fluctuate between 1.2 and 1.6 these days - and that is really watching my diet.  A vacation in Florida seems like it would be a very valid cause of fluctuation - even tho many would see that as very small changes.

    Always good to know your numbers but sometimes they just are what they are depending on very small factors. 

  • I agree with Kidneyboy. No biggie. If (and only if) you have 3 consecutive labworks (well spaced apart) and you see a steady increase, then there might be something going on. And your team will both worry and investigate. But otherwise, don't stress yourself out for no reason.

    It's going to take you a bit of time to know your new kidney better too. I know that mine is the little kidney that could. Currently, my baseline is between 160 and 180 (Canadian numbers). Thanks to some medical problems, I had to have tests involving a fair amount of dye three times in ten days. My creatinine shot up to 360. I knew it would come down and it did. Back down to my baseline although it took quite a few weeks of careful management.

    Keep in mind too that over the years your baseline may change a bit. Mine has but I'm currently almost 17 years out and things bounce around a bit. They always have for me and I've learned to relax when there is a change.


  • Simply put...No Big Deal! A move of a few basis points is within the range of normal fluctuation. Hydration is a big part but there are other factors that play with CR levels. Medications, exhaustion, sodium, illness, blood draw timing and even stress can throw off levels. Let us hope your levels calm down on the next round.

    • Thank you!  I was not sure what the range of normal fluctuation actually is if there is a basis.  I am rechecking in 2 weeks due to higher Tacro levels.

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