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Cranberries and Kidney

Hello All,

I have been reading some articles on Cranberries. It looks Cranberries are good source for Kidneys. Major health benefit is it clean UTI infections and source of vitamin C and Fiber.  Transplant patients have major chances of UTI infection.  Also, I red that, if you over dose the cranberries they may create kidney stones.

This is cranberry season and i am planing to take benefit of it. 

Your thoughts or experience on cranberries please ?



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  • Here is a recent interesting medical article on the efficacy of cranberries on UTIs.
    Myth: Cranberry as cure-all for UTIs
    Yale School of Medicine News, 11/02/2016
  • I'm almost 8 years out from a double-lung, and my kidneys have taken a hit. Along with a few other things like ceylon cinnamon & stinging nettle capsules, I drink 5 oz of Trader Joe's 100% cranberry juice every day, not from concentrate (the kind they have from concentrate has 3x the potassium for some reason). It is the ONLY place I've found this type of juice for a reasonable price. It is SO bitter, than I also mix in 2-3 oz of pineapple juice to make it go down.

    • Has there been an improvement with your kidney function since taking the cranberry Juice? Thanks, Janice
      • Hi Janice

        It kind of fluctuates, so can't say it's keeping it down. But, blueberries are the only thing with a higher anti-oxidant rating, so it's just a really healthy thing, regardless. I'm remarkably healthy for someone who's creatinine is in the high 2's. Can still do my full workout as in years past.

  • I've been known to take cranberry capsules on the rare occasions that I feel I might be getting a uti. But I'm not that fond of their flavor/tartness. But if you have diabetes, fruit of any sort will raise your blood sugars and raised blood sugars will drastically increase your chance of a uti.

    But if you just like cranberries, I would go for it. But as with anything else, don't overdo. Enjoy!

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