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Craving for food and sweets after kidney transplant

I am one month post transplant. I feel heaviness on right side where new kidney is placed. I also feel that something new is placed there,a feeling of new part. Is it something common.would it take sometime to settle it down and be a part of my body or do i need to see my Tx team. I feel comfortable when i press it or hold it.

My other issue is that i feel v hungry now. My food intake has increased 3 times. My nephrologist says it is because of deltacartil(steroid). My craving for sweet has increased. I wana control it because it has increased my weight. When i take fruit or vegetables i feel more hungry.

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  • Hello! 

    Yes as everyone has said, it is very common. Since I took prograf, I was on the strictest low carb diet for about three months which has helped me with diet control. To curve my sweet tooth, I ate Greek yogurt with a drizzle of honey, sometimes dark chocolate almonds (dusted with cocoa powder not covered with chocolate), or half of sweet potato. Apart from that, I drank about 3-4 liters of water (12-16cups). I also exercised alot to help with eating healthy like walking, jogging, and going on thread mills. It is very hard in the beginning but you will get used to it which will encourage long term control. 

    I was also very scared of the weight gain people had experienced with prednisone. Now I am 7 years with my second transplant at 104lbs 5'3". Establishing healthy habits in the beginning helps bunch alot!! 


    God bless you!

  • Yes it is the steroids! My Transplant Nurse says "It's hard darling but you have to work at it!" I know exactly what you are going through, I too have a very sweet tooth. Good luck, Flower

  • Thanx everybody for response. What exercises i can do at this early stage to control weight gain.

  • Steroids - I never ate chocolate in my life until after Tx.  It will decrease as you recover.  Like others mentioned eat very healthy to offset those cravings and best benefit your new organ.

    Mine was Liver but I could not sleep on the opposite site for about a year, which I though was odd, as I "felt" my new organ in that position.  And you are very early on so make yourself comfortable for a few months and recover.  Be diligent with meds and doctor orders - and yes, ask them any question you have.  They get all the questions you are thinking all of the time.

    And self hugging essentially does help.  Keep a pillow close for coughing or sneezing, or just hug yourself and it will ease discomfort.  After it is happy and connected you won't notice anything other than a scar for the most part.

  • Hi Naheed

    Whenever you eat try and always eat the protein portion first then the carbs and if your craving for sweets increases have some protein.  The more carbs you eat the more you want to eat. This is for people who do not take steroids as well.  The brain tells you to keep eating carbs.  Now you know better so in order to control yourself just eat more protein or exercise.

    You will notice the craving will go away.  Drink more water? Maybe that will help you.Take good care!

  • Give it 6 months thing will get better

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