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Creatinine and water intake

Hi Guys,


Im new here, one month post transplant. please help.

my creatinine is 1.5 and varying +-1. I want to know normal creatinine level after transplant.

Also about water intake. im taking 3 ltr in day and 2 ltr at night but im breaking my sleep many times to have water at night.

please suggest a way to take water at night time.Thanks.

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  • Hi, you can ask your doctors questions on your creatine at your follow up with them weekly.  Water should be 64-72 oz and a glass at bedside for night. It's best toconsuto with your transplant team. instructions.

    • 64-72 oz at night only??


  • Hello Raj,

    Your fluid intake is more than adequate, though I would switch the intake to more during the day (what goes in, must come's a convenience issue.) There really is no "normal" creatinine as every Tx is unique, as is each recipient. Males have a slightly higher creatinine than females and as Oke noted, it is more important that your level is stable (Tx teams use these readings to look for trends like steadily rising when checking for an issue over a few tests.)

    My first Tx ranged between 1.4 and 1.6 throughout its life (13 years) Creatinine is greatly affected by hydration, as well as illness, exercise, medication and even stress. A good rule to follow is if your Tx team is not worried, neither should you. Also as Oke said, enjoy this life by not wasting it looking for something wrong that may never appear.

    • Thanks Kidneyboy.


  • Congratulations!. You dont need to worry about the change in creatinine level it will sstabilize with time. There is no bar on litres of water to be taken daily but try to monitor your sodium level. If the sodium level is low, then u need to reduce the water intake. Try and talk to your doctor about it. Enjoy your new life!

    • thanks oke faruq

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