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Creatinine level

hey so Yesterday I went for labs after having IVIG therapy and my creatinine was 2.5 I’m urinating ok but my stomach is a bit bloated 

BUN was 48

CO2 was 19

Urine PH was 6.7

Last month my creatinine was 1.9 why do you think it is high ? Is it dehydration ? I’m very worried about it. 

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  • Hello 

    i have had a few IVIG treatments. It’s a hard medication. I always drank a lot of fluids during the treatments and after. Upwards to 100 ounces (also make sure they give you Tylenol before the treatment because I also tended to get fevers after the treatment) 

  • Info from an Abstract :

    " Rise in serum creatinine was noted after 1-10 days of IVIG infusion and creatinine returned to baseline within 2-60 days of discontinuation"

    Not a large group but....

    And hydration is always a consideration.  Best place to start for taking some action.


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