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  • Hello raj

    This number is same with me. I am now 5 years of transplant. After transplant my creatinine never below of 1.5 and it's varies upto 2. Doctor changes the dosage of wyslone and tac and after 1 year they said may be this is best number for you. And yes in last 3 years I never have any infection and fever completely normal doing. Just keep in mind be hydrated and keep hygine and take worm cook food. Don't drink outside water food is ok in emergency. But never water. 



  • Shukla ji

    I don't think you have to be worried about yr level of creatinine. Take at least 2.5 lit of water everyday. Check for yr tacrolimus level, take regular medicines ON TIME, have good sleep and exercise, avoid red meet. I experienced diarrhea post transplant leads to elevated level of creatinine 

  • I am almost 3 weeks post transplant and my creatinine has fluctuated over the past week between 1.5 and 1.9. I am drinking at least 3 liters/day and they are trying to balance my meds and my doctor said that my blood pressure being low is the main contributer to the creatinine increasing. They have told me to use more salt and put me on a medication to help my body retain the sodium since I am drining so much water. I have labs again on Monday and hope to see a balancing of creatinine, potassium and phosphorus.

    • Hello Kevin,

      First of all - Congratulations on the transplant and the progress. I am not only a practicing Registered Nurse but a tranplant patient myself (11 years 8 months and counting) and as you can imagine I have all of the doctors, research and healthcare I could possibly need at my fingertips day and night. However, none of that means anything if I don't take care of myself (remember I work with sick people) and  most importantly if I don't make the changes needed to keep this kidney going for as long as possible. The creatinine WILL fluctuate for the first few months or maybe a year (everyone is different) and then at times after that. Do not panic! The key is to stay informed and learn to listen to your body, what is telling you and learning what your baselines are and will be once you are stabilized. You are in the adjusting period and it will take some time for your body to adjust. My creatinine has never been below 1.0 and my base line is around 1.2 - 1.3 no matter what I do. I have even been up to 1.4 - 1.5 a few times. Everyone here has made very good points you need to follow. Drinking water is essential but DO NOT over do it. You will be washing away important nutrients, medications and electrolytes needed for balance. I haven't had red meat since my first dialysis treatment before my transplant 15 years ago. Stop eating it because it will make a difference. I can sit here a tell you a million things but I don't want to bore you and the rest, however, you or anyone can ask anything and I will respond based on my experience. The best advice I can give you is to take it easy, keep informed and learn about how YOUR body is reacting to the new visitor inside of you. Peace...

      • I know what you mean i am a registered nurse and left because i kept getting sick and losing kidney function. I want to clarify also dr did not give me permission to eat all the protein i want. He said i could have it occassionally. I am completely burned out on reading info. I take my meds on time, i drink water, i am still trying to get a regular exercise program, eat well and sleep good,  the rest really all is in God's hands. Im older so opted to retire trying to find my new life. Its quite a journey. Thank you for your input.

    • Wow so glad to hear you are post surgery etc. I just saw my dr and he told me one if the reasons mine fluctuates is protein before a lab. He said don't eat high protein (RED MEAT) 3 days before lab. I asked him does that mean i shouldn't eat red meat at all he said no just not before a lab. He also said the level does not mean the kidney is not working right it just means they aren't getting an accurate picture. My labs have been all over the place since my transplant 6 months ago. Your great on the water, if something was wrong there would be other symptoms included. This is what im learning.

      • This really good advice. What doctors told me: it’s not as important what you do in days leading up to a blood test; what’s important is that the routine is consistent. That way they get an accurate picture based on consistent actions: amount of water, exercise or not, food intake. For me, in the 24 hours prior to a test I don’t exercise and also try to drink about the same volume of water each time.

        • True but protien breaks down in your blood as creatine, so it will raise your value at test time. It doesn't mean your kidney is not funtioning right but if you don't eat that same protein next test you won't have an accurate reading.  One month creatine might be high next month not,  due to no protein. So a more accurate picture would be cut that protein off prior to a test. After the test eat it. The part about be consistent is the prograf level if you eat before prograf always eat before prograf. Hope i didn't make it confusing. Each test is looking for something different.

  • High levels of Tacrolimus can elevate Creatinine numbers. You should seek the results of your blood work and confer with your Tx team about this issue. Inadequate hydration IS often a cause of elevation as well. I do hope by now, your levels have returned to normal.

  • Take at least 3 litres of water every day...All regular medicines have to be taken on time, even five min delay is not ok...

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