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Hi, I am Grace and 39 years old.I did my second kindey transplant at Jan 2014 and the first one was lasted about 10 years.Due to my high reactive antibody, I did IVIG+Plasma exchange many times before and after  the surgery.

Last year, I did IVIG+Plasma again . My doctor ask me to do biopsy for two years after surgery because my history and really found the chronic rejeaction. My creatinine in 0.8 at that time.

But my creatinine level is slight rising this year :

Jan 0.87

 Mar 0.89

 May 0.91

 now  0.93

My doctor adjust my medicine and didn't feel unusual. ( fk-506 from 3mg to 2.5mg/per day and add one cellcept, my fk-506 blood level is 6 ng/ml.)

Yes , they are all within the nornal range, but the slight rising trend is anxious for me.

I cherish my new kindey very much and don't want to lose it again.

Does anyone has the same situation? the slight rising creatinine level ?

Is it nornal or I need to test my antibody again?This question really bothers me.

Thanks  in advance.

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  • that really is very good and would not be concerned unless they do a biopsy and say its rejection, mine runs between 1.6 and 2.4 back and forth , most of the time in the low one's and this is my fourth kidney transplant.Just continue to be proactive about your treatment and don't get anxious, your mental state has a large impact on your health.

    • fourth  transplant?! You must go through many tough days, but you are also very lucky.

      My doctor want to keep watch if I need do a biopsy again. Thanks for your advice.Hope rejection could keep away from us always. :)

  • Yes, mine is at 1.9 this month which my PCP assured me, I can have a long life with, however will be doing a kidney food study to support the orgaans as herbs are out. Too bad or I would have everything under control. I guess I have a greater challenge to overcome using only foods.. Your numbers are great for post tx. No worries, I believe.
  • Hi Grace

    I have had my kidney for 20 years and have had slight fluctuations with my creatinine. I am on P rgraf  2 mgs in morning and three mgs at night. I was toxic to cellcept.  My nephrologist has told me that creatinine does go up and down slightly depending how much fluid/hydrated you are.  My goes from .8 to .9 all the time  I should be worried when it leaps more than a point.  Hope this helps.

    • Wow, 20 years.
      I hope I could use my new kidney so long just like you.

      But could you share what is your Prograf blood level ?
      I take only 3 mg one day, and the blood level is 6 ng/ml.
      My doctor thought it's slightly high and might cause nephrotoxicity.
      His ideal level might be 4~5ng/ml, I'm not sure 6 is really high or not.
      Especially you are 20 year after transplant, the amount of medicine should be down to least.

      Thanks for your sharing  and wish you good healthy always.

  • I wish I had a .93 creatinine! Such a small rise is really nothing to worry over. But check with your team to be sure. Only if the trend keeps going up past 1 then maybe your team should take some action.

    • Thank you for your sharing. :)

  • While the rise in creatinine is steady, the overall amount is very small and may be attributable to the level of medications in the blood or even a bit of dehydration. Creatinine levels after surgery may rise slightly away from the hospital, where everything is controlled (fluid, diet, and activity.) The 12 hour (blood draw done 12 hours from last dose for accurate FK and other results) rule should be considered with test results. Another "guide" is if the Tx team isn't worried, neither should you, after all, there is little you will be responsible for to affect change. That is the relm of the Tx team. Try to stay calm until the next set of results come in to see if the adjustment in medications has affected the level. I do hope your levels stabilize and you are able to resume a more carefree life.

    • Kidneyboy , thank you for your suggestion. I feel much better.

      Yes, I should be calm and it's the only thing I could do now until next blood check.

      Hope everything is ok and Thank you again. :)

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      • One method I use to stay calm about issues is to decide if it is something I can control or not.  There is enough of those I can control to keep my mind busy without the others.  Faith in your team helps with that too.  Good luck!

        Our social network provides online support for pre and post transplant recipients and their families.
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