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  • Hello Raj,

    I agree with the others, the remedy for this will be through your Tx team. You will need to follow their instructions and should feel at ease confiding in them. 

    We have all been through this and even though it is very scary, you must try to stay calm, as the cause is identified. It may be as simple as a medication change and if a biopsy is needed, it is a simple painless procedure to see what is happening in the kidney.

    Throughout your life, there may be similar "bumps in the road," with every issue surpassed, you will gain emotional strength to deal with the next. The Tx team will find the answer, you will just have to breathe every now and then. I hope this issue is resolved soon.


  • Many things can cause your levels to go up and down. Especially during the first year. You need to keep on top of things and in close contact with your transplant team. It's very possible that they can get things down to more normal levels. I know it's scary, but please try and remain optimistic. There is hope.

  • You need to talk to transplant team about biopsy, there is urgent need for that to know what could be the root cause. Try and keep in touch with your tx team on this, is very important.

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