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creatinine trending up

hi, i was hoping to hear anyone that has experienced this. i have my kidney for 10 years and my labs have always been good, creatinine never more than 0.8. two months ago, i was given higher dose of prednisone for shortness of breath, been hospitalized for week. now for the past month my creatinine has been on upward trajectory and is 1.9 now. my hemoglobin which has always been good is 7.5.

I am very worried and would appreciate hearing your thoughts on this.

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  • take care. Hope you feel better.

  • Hello,

    Have you scheduled for biopsy ? Happened with me also recently.  I had same issue and now tx team is working to fix it. 

    I hope you will feel better.



    • thanks for responding. i haven’t scheduled biopsy yet but they did reduce my cellcept from 1000 to 750 mg. have you done a biopsy? i am bit scared to do that. 

      • I hope you know that a biopsy is a painless procedure and the only true way to know what is happening with the graft. The scheduling is done by the Tx team after it is deemed necessary.

        • i am bit apprehensive of things going wrong but i might have to if it comes to that. 

          • I agree with KB.

            1. I had one. It’s a very easy procedure in about 30 min with a localized anesthesia.

            2. The doctor insert a very tiny needle to get a very very tiny piece of a kidney tissues. 

            After the procedure, you have to lie down on the bed for at least one hour to stop the kidney bleeding. You have to use the bed pan if you need to pee. I didn’t read the notes of post procedure and went to bathroom. Later I was panic. 

            Also make sure to drink water to flush out the kidney after they send you to home. 

            Wish you the best. 

      • Yes I did my biopsy done on 14 May 2019. My createtine went upto 1.8 so they started prednisone. Today I checked again and createtine went back to 1.3.

        For me they increased Cellcept from 1000 to 2000 mg per day. 


        • thanks again, mine sounds the inverse of yours. i was on cellcept 1000 mg twice daily and after experiencing shortness of breath i was given 60 mg of prednisone for three days and 40 mg for two days taken daily. blood pressure spiked and i was hospitalized. now they lowered my cellcept to 750 mg twice a day and i have been taking a regular dose of 7.5 prednisone daily. i havent had an episode like this so i am perplexed. 

  • Hello Wardi,

    To be honest, there is nothing you can do about this episode, except to try to stay calm, as the hospital staff cares for you and this passes. This is where faith may help you, be it faith in the Tx team, a higher power, or whatever you can occupy your mind with until a cause is found or it ends completely. In the absence of fact, we all create our own hell. I have survived a few episodes like this and have limited my thoughts to those I love and plans for when I am released. I hope and pray this will be soon for you!

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