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I was wondering if anyone has gone through a kidney transplant and at first your creatnine was .9-1.0 then eventually settled into 1.2-1.4? I am a little over a year post transplant and my kidney seems to be settled in at 1.3. Anyone ever experience this? Thank you for your feedback. 

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  • Actually, there is absolutely nothing wrong with it. That is what happens. There is nothing wrong with a creatnine range like yours. I am almost 8 years out and mine runs 1.3-1.5 and the doctors are perfectly fine with that. Good luck! And try not to worry. You are not that far out from transplant.

  • Over the last 12 years my creatinine has been all over the place. About 2.0 immediately after transplant but I've ranged from 1.25 to 2.7 and am generally relatively stable at about 1.6 - 1.8. To be honest, I don't read too much into it when I go up and down. It's only a slow but steady increase I worry about (had problems with prograf and went steadily up from 1.6 to 2.3 over 3 lab drawings). 

    • 4 months after trasnplant I have a stable 1,8 creatinite serum level.I think cadaveric donor recipients usually have higher count than live donor recipients.

      • I had a living relative donate to me. And these have simply been my #s. And I have friends who had cadaveric donors who's numbers have always been better than mine. You just never know. Each one is different. You can only compare your numbers to yourself.

  • I guess I'm similar to Gene. My CR was 1.1 for quite some time after my kptx in 8/2002. I contracted BKVirus in 10/2003, and things rapidly changed. While I got rid of the virus after about 20 months, my CR was elevated ... Perhaps 1.7. It slowly rose over the years to 2.4 5 years ago. I was dx'ed with ESRD level 4, and earned that my kidney might not live an additional 8 months. The scarring from BKV had a big impact. But it stayed stable for quite some time, occasionally rising to 2.8. Long story, but I began to receive IVIG infusions about 10 months ago. My CR started slowly dropping. It is now 1.9. Lowest it has been in 6-7 years, except for when I was hospitalized and on continuous IV fluids. While I have a host of medically mystifying issues, I am reasonably healthy. And have grown accustomed to my graft kidney being stable and working, in spite of defying the metrics describing "normal." Harvey
  • Hi.  My daughter Jillian's creatnine level after transplant was 0.7!  We were so overjoyed about this but, unfortunately after several weeks, it spiked up to 1.4 then 1.5 and has now settled into levels between 1.2 and 1.4.  From what I was told by my daughter's doctor, this is very normal process and not unusual.  This happens primarily due to the Prograf (it is very toxic over a long period of time unfortunately). This is so surprising to me to learn that a drug that saves your life can also alter the function of your kidney. I wish there was another way to help keep a transplanted kidney without compromising the transplant.  Hope this helps?

  • Megan, my creatinine was 1.1 after transplant but as Gene said that was probably because of all the IV given at the hospital to get the new kidney working well. Since then my creatinine has settled at 1.4. At first they docs said it would go down as Tacrolimus was decrieased but it has actually stayed the same. I'm happy and thankful with the way it is right now. Yours is better than mine so if I'm happy you should be "very happy". Keep drinking lots of water, eat healthy and enjoy your new Kidney for a long time.

  • My first creatinine level after my transplant 3 1/2 years ago was 1.3 and that was because I was flooded with liquid to jump start the new kidney. I've never been close to that level again. I've settled at a range of around 1.8-1.9, with some readings into the 2's. I don't think it's unusual to settle at a higher level some time after the transplant. I was 65 at the time and my live donor was also 65, so I didn't get a young kidney and it didn't go into a young body. A recent biopsy showed some normal wear and tear on the kidney from the drugs. So, I'm not surprised my readings are where they are. Hang in there. I'd love to see a 1.3 reading.

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