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06/05/2018 Has anyone had any experience with cyclosporine? Due to side effects with tacrolimus, my doctors are switching me to this new drug. I've read some of the side effects for cyclosporine on line, but just trying to get a pulse on what some of you may have experienced. Thanks, in advance for any feedback! Melanie

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  • I went recently for my 3 yr checkup and the tx doctors decided to change my medication due to some side effects. I was before not using this medication and is now on different medication. This caused some mayor effects which I am still dealing with. Now two months later my tx team are very happy with the results. At the beginning the medication was to strong and since they have reduced it twice. I am doing well and feel well.


    • Thanks, Willie! It turned out that the doctors decided to keep me on tacrolimus and added Cellcept to that mix. I appreciated your response AND it is nice to meet someone else who had liver failure due to an unknown origin! ;) 

      • Till today they do not know what caused my acute liver failure. I had two liver transplants. The first liver failed after 3 days. I had many complications and setbacks. One of the medications which they replaced was CellCept. I used to take 2000mg /day. This caused many side effects and at my 3 yr checkup they replaced this. The removed Sundimunn 175 mg per day and replaced it with Certican 1 mg/day and CellCept was replaced with Envarus 1mg/day. I am gratefull to my donors but here in Germany no info from the donors are given. Today I know it is a miracle that I am alive.


  • I've taken it for about 15 years then changed to tacrolimus.  I didn't notice anything that was a big difference between the two.  Other then the distinct oder cyclosporine has you'll be fine.  It has a different carrying agent (oil) which helps the digestion/ metabolizing process.

    • Thanks so much, Doug! My doctors actually changed their minds & now have me taking a combination of tacrolimus and cellcept. Fifteen years, huh! That's terrific ;)

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