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My husbands doc changed my hubby from advagraf (July to Dec 2018) to Certican (dec 2018 to May 2019) and now Cyclosporine.

the first change was due to creatinine fluctuating around 130 to 149 and now the Certican is causing damage to lung tissue.

my question is, has anyone in the chat been on cyclosporine? How does it compare to Advagraf? 


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  • I take Cyclosporin. I was on Cyclosporin when i first had my transplant. Then my doctor moved me to prograft. but my triglyceride went up when i was on prograft. My body had adjusted better to Cyclosporin. So i was switched back to Cyclo. Its the drug that has been in the market the longest. The one thing I like about progrqaft was the pill size. Its small & easy to carry. Bit otherwise Cyclo is a good drug. time tested.

      • Thank you very much for replying

      Hearing from someone that has first hand experience with the drug helps. Many have used Prograf and Advagraf but few have been on Cyclosporine or Certican.

      He started cyclosporine today and will do first round off bloods next week. The hope is the effect off Certican on his lungs stop and cyclosporine can stably his creatinine.

      Ive read that the normal level for creatinine for a transplant patient is 150 so I’m praying that he is able to stay around the 120/130 mark. He did so well in feb and March and came right down to 113 but it started peaking again from april...

      Thank you again for replying and putting my mind at ease 

  • First, congratulations to your spouse on receiving his Tx.

    Cyclosporin is an immunosuppressant that was widely used before the development of Prograf and its derivatives (sirolimus, avandagraf, ...)  It is still used today and is an alternative for those who cannot tolerate these formulations and has side effects of its own.

    The important aspect of immunosuppression is limiting the production of certain white blood cells that would attack the Tx, by whatever means that work for the recipient. The most precise information will always be from the Tx team as it applies to your spouse. I encourage you to ASK, ASK, ASK, as many questions as you wish to be comfortable with his plan of care. Its why they are there!

    I do hope and pray that you both enjoy many, many years of good health.  

    • Thank you so much

      im hoping and praying that cyclosporine works. His levels are yet to level off and both advagraf and Certican hasn’t worked at its optimum 

      he starts the cyclosporine on Tuesday so I’m praying 

      thank you very much for replying 

      I grateful for the support 

      • Above all, try to remain calm while the Tx team adjusts his medications. Stress is the enemy.

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