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Cyclosporine and Creatinine levels

hi all

i need some help and reassurance please 

my husband is one year post kidney transplant as off 19 July 2019 however he has been on advagraf, certican and now cyclosporine. His creatinine keeps going up on cyclosporine and at a fast rate as compared to advagraf which was hovering the 120 and 130 mark, certican 113 and 120 but with cyclosporine, 150 and 160. Doc as reduced mg from 150 to 100 now and will test again next this normal? 

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  • I was on cyclo for about 6 weeks to help with healing after a surgery (I'm normally on rapamune and inuran). You often get changes in creatinine levels when you switch drugs, esepcially if you are on a bit too much of the new drug. I'm currently waiting for new labs to see if my creatinine has continued to go down and settle. It can take a few months or more for everything to stabilize. Especially is you are only just (relatively) recently transplanted.

    I got my kidney in '02 and my panc in '08 and my creatinine has bounced all over for a variety of reasons. Try not to worry too much. Hopefully you will find stability soon

  • Doc did move him onto certican in December cos creatinine was at 140s and doc felt that it wasn’t stabilizing.

    certican worked perfect for 3 months but brought on the scaring of his lungs so doc switched end May to cyclosporine 

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