Daily fluid intake and urine output

I'm 6 months post-transplant, and I'd like to know if an intake of 2200 ml of fluid a day with a urine output of 1275 is considered normal? Some days I will only put out 300 to 400 between 8am and 6pm no matter how much I drink. Also I rarely have a full bladder. Has others been like this? Thanks!

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  • I feel I have to ask. How are you figuring out your output and calculating it at 1275? I just weigh myself every morning (after I pee) and at bedtime. So I have a 'dry weight' first thing in the am and overnight I can figure out how much fluid I am losing when I don't really wake up to go pee overnight. What you've outlined is roughly a kilogram (2 pounds) of water weight gain per night. Is that really happening? How is your breathing and your swelling?

    • Hi, I still have to keep a record of input and output over 24 hours. I do this by writing how much I'm drinking (mL) in a record book, and each time I have to urinate I have to use a urinal bottle with mL marked on the side, and record that in the record book. I do get short of breath sometimes but I also have Afib and that can cause kit. During the day my lower legs and ankles swell some but not really bad. 

      • That excess 2 pounds per day has to be going somehwere. You need to talk to your docs on how to handle this. You can put your heart and lungs in danger if you are collecting that much on a regular basis.


        • Hi, My transplant team has told me that I should'nt be worried unless I gained 4 pounds or more from one day to the next. They did tell me if I ever started to note a steady decrease in output to call them.  

          • Hi Jeffery,

            The bid three alarms (when to call the Tx center,) are :

                 Fever over 100' 

                 Weight gain of 4 lbs in 24 hours

                 Change in color, odor, or output of urine 

            Other issues to seek help are any sharp pain lasting more than 24 hours, increase in BP, shortness of breath, or anytime you do not feel "normal"


  • My doctor recomands 3000 ml minimum daily. Maximum no limit. 

  • Hi Jeffrey,

    Everyone is different, as is their fluid intake needs. Generally speaking, you should drink half your body weight pounds in ounces per day, that is, if you weigh 160 pounds your fluid intake should be 80 ounces of fluid per day. Individual needs vary with location and exercise. so treat this "rule" as a suggestion only. You would be wise to discuss your needs with your Tx nephrologist or Tx team.


    UMiss info

    How to calculate how much water you should drink | Wellness | My Total Rewards | Human Resources |…
    University of Missouri System - myTotal Rewards
    • some days I'll only put out 300-400 between 8am and 6pm no matter how much I drink. Is that normal?

      • Just try to drink between 2 - 3 liters/day, being especially diligent in the week before a blood draw. Intake includes all sources(coffee, teas, and fluid from foods,) output includes through urine and sweat and breathing. Dehydration happens, especially during the summer heat.

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