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  • I have dark spots on my back. My dermo. told me it is a side effect. He said that head and shoulders or selson blue shampoo is good for it. Just to let it run down my back. I would see a dermo. to

    check it out first.

  • I will add that I do not believe these grim forecasts apply to you.  Your Tx team is the best source of information and guidance in these matters.

  • Hi Vivian,

    As part of living with a Tx, annual visits to a dermatologist should be routine, knowing is better than guessing.  The spots you noticed may not be an issue, but our medication and suppressed immune systems  DO make us all more susceptible to skin issues of all kinds. Most of the available internet articles are very bleak and I suggest you speak to a member of your Tx team about this issue. info

    Oxford Academy info

    NCBI - skin changes post-Tx

    Dermatologic Manifestations of Renal Disease: Overview, Dermatologic Manifestations of Diseases Ass…
    Dermatologic manifestations of renal disease are not uncommon findings in patients with end-stage renal disease (ESRD). Cutaneous examination of pati…
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