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My dentist wants me to come in for root scaling and planing because I have a couple of places where my gums are swollen and bleeding. I was wondering if this a common thing to have done for transplant patients. I have noticed my gums have had more trouble since the transplant. I read amlodpine and tacrolimus can cause issues with your gums but I’m already at a low dosage of tacro. I guess I just dread having it done and if it’s caused by medication is this going to happen all over again?

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  • All types of infection are more common with us, the mouth and gum line is just full of germs.  Do yourself a favor and start rinsing you mouth 3 times daily with 50/50 mix of water and 3% hydrogen peroxide.  Does absolute wonders for mouth infections, which is what gingivitis is.  

  • I got the antibiotics. Trying to mentally prepare myself for this cleaning. Dentist always scares me unfortunately you’d think after dialysis and a transplant stuff like that wouldn’t bother me but those childhood issues of the dentist always come back. 

  • Not noticed anything myself - I mean I have dry mouth often due to meds which is never good for your teeth/gums.

    Like KB said - get those antibiotics.  Going next month myself (cleaning).

  • I called yesterday about the antibiotic hopefully they’ll put the prescription in today. 

  • Ask your team for a consult and to be covered by antibiotics for any procedure (usually 2000 mg of Penicillin formulation.) This one time dose will protect you from blood bourn infection without causing allergic reaction or starting any rejection. It is not fun but may be needed. 

  • I have been on tacro for 11+ years and not had issues with my gums.  I get my teeth cleaned every six months and had issues with plaque for years, but started using an electric toothbrush about five years ago and that has solved that problem.  I have no experience with amlopine.

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