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Hi friends, I've been feeling sad and down for the last two weeks... I've been anxious and worried. I think I am depressed but I never used to feel this way before.

could it be some medications? What can I do to feel better?


I am on

prograf 10 mg

cellcept 500 mg

prednisone 5 mg



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  • Hi, I had depression after my kidney transplant 9 years ago, I was on 10mg Prednisolone and Program + Mycophenolate, I think it just takes time for the body to get used to all the new drugs, after a few months of depression I saw a faith healer who helped me out immensely. Also when they reduced the Prednisolone to 5mg it also helped, Prednisolone can really effect your mood, hang in there, you will get better.

  • Hi i know what you mean. I cry at music, etc but then feel ashamed because i have so much to be grateful for.  I am sure its some part medication, some part holidays, some part overwhelmed. I started seeing a therapist its helping, im just a bundle of nerves bouncing back and forth agitated, anxious. As long as your Drs say physically your alright. I don't know how we couldn't be affected by all we have gone thru pre and post transplant.

    But don't ever shine on thoughts if you feel like hurting yourself talk to a professional, call a hotline etc. You have come to far, also i am on a little something for mood as it can sometimes be unpredictable, the transplant clinic is aware of all this. 

    Peaying for you

  • Prednisone causes so many changes. Anger, overreaction and nervousness is typical. If you are not going to be on it long, maybe you can ride it out. If you are, you may need something to help you feel balanced. But know this, this is very very typical.

  • You recently had a transplant and are are more meds now since its so new but once they wean them down some you will prob feel better, in my case after I finally got off prednisone 2 years after tx i started to feel better, but as life goes on i feel that way now and then and just take it easy on myself,

    Going out in nature for a walk and to think things through and watching a good show or reading a good book has helped me.

    • You think it's the prednisone? I am behaving so bad at home... and I have never acted this way. It's more than depression it's like anger and anxiety all together... thank you so much for your advice I will follow through and also talk to my doctor.

  • Have you spoken to your social worker or docs about it?

    Whether the meds, or recovery or just flat out feeling down always good to reach out.  Our body chemistry may change a bit which could include brain chemistry.  

    Try and stay positive.  Gratitude is a powerfult emotion to help during the tough times..

    Good luck.

    • No, I haven't. I have had depression several times but it usually goes away and never causes anger or anxiety. I've been a positive person all my life. I'm a happy person alone but for the last two weeks or so I've felt so down and I get all these bad thoughts etc... I don't know what it is but I will call my doctor to let her know. Thank you so much :)

      • Yessenia, try to remember that depression is so common, with many reasons. It may be as simple as taking high doses of vit-D every day. 10000 a day brought me out of depression in two days. I dropped down to 5000 a day afterwards and though I forget my vitamins at times, I never have had that kind of depression again. It was a rough year and a half. My chiropractor recommended it. I get good advice from different doctors and research myself so I have a possible answer to share with my nurse practitioner, who will run it down and let me try some different avenues, if what I am doing is not working. I keep my team involved when necessary but they usually say no or see my home doctor, so now I just see her first. You will be alright; you will find the reason am all will be better. I promise.

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