Depresssion - an inside look

Found this blog a few months ago. The author has added some entries recently that may help us to understand what depression looks and feels like, in a light-hearted and sometimes funny manner. The illustrations are wonderful and incredibly thought provoking. A good read for anyone.

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  • Thanks Mark for posting this - it is hits at some hard-won truths about depression while also being hilarious. That is a fine line and she hews it elegantly. 


    • You're welcome :)
  • I adore hyperbole and a half. She hit her depression at about the point she had signed a book deal. She is an extraordinary woman with a terrific sense of humour (and a weird dog). She does an eloquent job of frankly discussing her depression. I keep hoping for the best for her. She is such a bright light.

    • I first made contact with her blog from a FB link to the entry "Menace" about the 4 year old with the dinosaur suit (on the home page). The granddaughter that I live nearest to is currently 4 years old. Although normal in every way on the outside, she is undoubtedly experiencing some of the internal turmoil described in the blog entry. Growing pains for sure, but it is good for adults to be reminded of the complex reasoning that occurs inside a 4 year old's head. The author is brilliant and it is truly unfortunate that some of her wisdom springs from the same well that the depression resides in. I hope her book does well.

      • I just double checked and it is coming out on Amazon on the 29th of October. It's on my wish list and I can't wait. 

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