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Developed cancer years after Tp?

Hi! Im 27 i got my liver transplant 14 years ago and i have just been diagnosed with breast cancer. Drs wanna start chemo next week A/C then Taxol, the a double mastectomy....... So anyway... Like omgsh!!! I read the meds iv been on (prograf) actually have like 60% chance of causing diff cancers 10 years post tp. So im very upset. Its triple negitive invasive bc and growing fast.Have any of you got cancer and been ok through chemo and such? Im worried about EVERYTHING i have a 2 year old son to think about, and hopefully a lot of years ahead of me. Thoughts? Info? Ect.

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  • Hi Jessica: My sympathies go,out to you. Stay strong and try to be positive, however difficult that may be. I, too, developed breast cancer. A few years after my transplant, I was diagnosed with stage"0" cancer. I underwent a mastectomy and breast reconstruction. Fortunately, because it was diagnosed early, no chemo or radiation was needed. I worried myself sick wondering whether the immunosuppressive drugs were the culprit. But I realized this was stupid. No one will ever no, and besides, medical studies do not link breast cancer to these drugs. Other types of cancer, are more common with tx patients. I later discovered after genetic testing that I have a predisposition to breast cancer anyway.
  • that's a rough one.  i was told 6 months post tx that i had cancer. lymphoma all over the donor lungs and heart.  took the treatment.  that was 31 years ago.  keep your chin up and best wishes.

  • Hi Jessica

    Thinking of you and will pray that all goes well. Try Truly live in the moment and when you start to worry, go right back to focusing on what you have to do by staying as relaxed as you can so you can fight this. Know that you will win!

    Enjoy each day to the fullest! Get outside and breathe the fresh air, hug more, love more.  It is important to heal the mind in whatever way you can possibly can.

    Sending you lots of love!

  • Hello Jessica,

    I hope & pray you return to good health soon.  I have to agree with others, that Prograf (tacrolimus) is more likely to allow viruses and illness to flourish, rather than cause problems, besides it's known side effects.  There are no guarantees in life and no one looks forward to additional medical problems/treatments.

    Please try to remain strong through what you must endure to regain your health and do not lose sight of the "prize" that awakes, a wonderful life of witnessing your young son grow to manhood.  He may never know the full measure of the effort and love you bestow upon him, but keeping your focus on him will help you through all that is ahead.  I hope to hear better news from you soon.

  • Here are my 5 cents:
    My aunt had breast cancer 30 years ago. Now she is 80 yrs old and healthy.

    Before I worried every day about cancers because we take many meds for tx. After so many years of worries, now I learn to focus on what I can do, to find ways of fighting cancers, and to prevent cancers. Because worry doesn't help at all.

    If pH of our body is below 7, cancers and any disease can occur. So, now I am having alkaline diet. It means no sugar, moderate meats, lots of vegetables, lots of lemon juice, ginger juice, spinach juice, and exercises.

    Best wishes.
  • Jessica,

    That is hard news.  My heart aches over this. 

    As far as I know, Prograf does not "cause' cancers but it does inhibit your bodies natural ability to fight cancers. Same reason I have so many warts now.  Had a few as a teen, but post-TX they just pop up at will.  

    Thankfully I have no exerience with chemo.  


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