• Hi Amit!  Yes, I am taking DHEA along with the full spectrum of bio-identical hormones for women.  My transplant team knows this.  You can't just take it without measuring the level in your blood every now and then to figure out the correct dose.  I only need 5 mg, but my husband takes 40 mg.  We see a physician who specializes in bio-identical hormone replacement, and we get our levels measured every 5 months.  

  • What is DHEA?  I am tired all the time, too!

    • Hello Amanda, 

      DHEA is a harmone and converted into into male and female sex hormones, such as estrogen and testosterone.  

      DHEA is said to aid in the treatment or prevention of the following health problems:

      Natural Treatment Options for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
      Learn about natural treatments for chronic fatigue syndrome, including herbal medicine, home remedies, and more.
      • Sounds good as long as it does not interact with the anti-rejection drugs.  Thos of us who are on long term prednisone, etc. all suffer from many of these problems.  The women are even more affected by the steroids because they cause even more hormonal fluctuations for us than in men (because we already have so many hormonal changes throughout the month.)  Just a question - are you on steroids?  Prednisone logn term or short term for your transplant?  Thanks - Amanda

        • I started prednisone from 17 May 2019 after 7 year of transplant.  I believe it will be long term and may be till graft is working.  

          Can you please check with your doctor regarding DHEA ? I will check here as well in UCSF.  


          • will do.  take care for now!  hang in there!  i will not see doctor until july 26th, but will do.  

  • You should always check with you team before trying anything.  

    • Yea, I never take anything that is not cleared by my team, though I am only 6 months out and still doing labs every week.

    • Yes Steve I will check with doctor before I start anything new. 

      I wanted to check if anyone among us have already tried  it before. 

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