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  • Has anyone else suffered from weight gain post-transplant? Before transplant, I was 160 and could eat whatever I wanted without gaining. Now, 3 years post transplant, I’m 200 and I’m always hungry. I know the prednisone I take daily, probably makes it 10473939 times worse. Granted, I do not diet or exercise. I know I need to. I’m looking to see if anyone has had any success with the Keto diet? Is it safe for transplant patients? Have you tried any other diets that work? Any feedback is appreciated. 

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  • Hello Maycee,

    Many of us are struggling with weight and with the meds we must take, the "cards" seem not to be stacked in our favor. Before you start with any new activity, I would have a chat with you Tx team for three simple reasons, they are familiar with ;

    1. You and your health needs and what diet is safe for you.
    2. The types of diets that will work best.
    3. Dieticians and professionals that understand the requirement for transplant patients,

    Most Tx centers will work with you to achieve your goals, Its part of caring for your Tx. That all starts by asking them.

  • What type of transplant have you had? If it's a kidney, the keto diet is probably not a good idea. Way too much protein (the way some people practice it). I found a daily food sheet, where I wrote down everything I ate and drank helped. Along with my fitbit that got me moving more.

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