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Hello Everyone! 8 months post Kidney Transplant and doing well. I have been a little hesitant to have Salads out at well established clean restaurants and wanted everyone's take on what they do. There are some fine restaurants in the area with healthy salad options that I would like to go back to. Besides the obvious, no dressing that is made from anything raw like eggs what else should I look out for? Thanks!

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  • If the restaurant offers a salad bar, keep walking past it. exposure from kitchen preparers is limited, however, items offered at such venues on public display is just asking for trouble. Most dressings offered are bought and usually pasteurized and safer, best to ask your server or bring your own. 

    A good rule to follow about your choice is "Cooked good, raw Nah!" Most fully-cooked meals will have reached a temp high enough to render bacteria inert, hopefully. Having worked in the foodservice industry, many years as a culinary-trained chef, my only rule is "If I don't cook it, I don't eat it...period! If you want to try your luck, buy a lottery ticket.

    I see nothing wrong with informing your server or kitchen staff of your needs, this will ensure your meal will receive the special attention it deserves and will likely be done so with pleasure.

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