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Disability after transplant

I am just wondering if it is common for transplant recipients to apply for disability?  I am 3 months post transplant and am not currently receiving any income.  I have seen online that transplant patients can apply for SSI/Disability for a year after transplant.  Does anyone have experience with this?  I was a liver recipient.



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  • yes I got mine ssi in 1985 and I have had 5 kidney transplants and now the prednisone messed up my bones so I can't work. so I am still on ssi

    • Mikey... Im off pred... Finally! Yea! My creatnine is 1.2
  • I applied for SSI after my multivisceral transplant, it included a liver among others, because I still struggle with nutrition issues and low weight which causes me to tire easily and makes it difficult to build up the strength I need.  I had not been able to work long enough to get disability, but I did get approved for SSI. I hope one day I can go back to work, but the SSI has been very helpful for now. 

  • I work with my primary care doctor regarding my disability forms.  I am on disability due to side effects of the immune suppressants. Initially my Transplant doctor said that given my excellent kidney function, she could not support my claim but my PCP saw how tired I was all the time etc.  After about a year, my Tx doctor agreed - it was determined that the drugs were knocking me down and they could not lower the dosing without risk of rejection.

  • Hi Kathy -Found this article.

    Social Security, Disability And Chronic Kidney Disease – What I’ve Learned
    Dave Ackerman shares his research detailed disability payment options for people with kidney disease. Read the article or download the info-graphic.
  • Your tx dr. Has no sa so
  • Yes..i did
  • I started receiving my SS disability before I got my lung transplant. It depends upon what your medical records say and what the Doctors at SS say.

  • If your doctor agrees you cannot work, then you can apply!  It takes 5 months from the time your application is approved to begin receiving benefits. 
    I went on disability when my first kidney transplant began to fail and I am still not able to work after my 2nd transplant.
    good luck!

    • Didnt take me 5 months.. Took 1
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