• It took me more than a year to finally settle down into my transplant life after my kidney transplant. And then I had a pancreas transplant 6 years later. And that took me a bout 2 full years to settle in. I'm now 17 years out from the kidney and almost 12 years out from the pancreas and things are relatively stable (not counting the odd cold or whatever). So try to relax. It may still take some time for things to settle. But discuss all issues with your team and keep them up to date.


  • It could.  Took me a while but eased for me.  Of course, the Tacro brain fog also impacted that.

    Now I have those symptoms and chronic pain from being overly immunosuppressed, but my Tx kept me alive so worth the challenge.  Also, when they titrate your meds down it should assist.

    Good luck.

    • My wife found I may have put too many sodium bicarb tablets in my pill box,  that may have caused it.

      • In my case too the culprit was found to be sodium bicarbonate. 


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