•  Hey Torie .. I am and was on Medicare , plus a medicare supplemental insurance before tx ,  I had a small monthly bill with the supplemental  but when it came time for me to frist get an lvad placed .. then heart tx  ,  I had no bills .. and because I was on Medicare prior to tx  .. Medicare covers the cost of rejection meds ... hope this helps .. 

  • Awsome rachel.Is the after care also good.
    • yes ,i had medicaid for my heart xplant,i live in ny state the covered almost every thing except like 1,500 dollars,put i got that written off ,because of my income,part of donations,from the hospital.

  • I was on Medicaid when I became sick.  After meeting with the transplant team and financial director I got a letter from Medicaid that they would cover up to a certain amount towards my trasplant. I can't remember what that amount was, but the financial director told me that I had nothing to worry about.  However, Medicare kicked in 19 days before my surgery, and they covered most of it.  

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