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I recently had lesser barrage trartment for eyes and I told the opthalmosurgen that I have had a Kidney Transplant and I take these medicines. She told me that they may or may not affect me coz she wasn't sure that the retina had been torn a little coz of the medicines.

Can anyone let me know whether these medicines have side effects on body?

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  • Pangraf (tacrolimus) from Panacea Pharma can have side effects, the severity is dependant on dose and length of time of use. These effects are the same for all tacrolimus formulations.


    Pangraf Capsule - Uses, Side-effects, Reviews, and Precautions - Panacea Biotec - TabletWise - India
    Pangraf Capsule is used for kidney or other organs transplantation, liver transplantation, skin diseases, heart transplantation and other conditions.…
  • I am a post heart transplant 10 years and 2 months I believe that what you're trying to ask are side effects for prograf and mycophenolate mofetil. they definitely have side effects, and for everyone it will be different at different intensities. however, they should eventually subside to an acceptable living level to where you will barely notice them, like the tremors or spasms. the first few years are the most dangerous so it is imperative to get past them with careful consideration on what could exacerbate your symptoms or the side effects that are most often an inevitable trade off for living. it is definitely a risk to take once the decision has been made for oneself in exchange to live longer. i am 26 years old and i suggest you look up journal or research papers regarding trial experiments for when the medicines were first being tested before FDA approval. part of dealing with the side effects include taking care of your skin as much as possible and avoiding the sun since it poses a very real risk as your skin begins to thin and will take longer for injuries to heal adding to the risk factor that being immunosuppressed poses.

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