Dont worry be happy

Hi everyone im wayne i was born with alports and was in and out of the hospital my entire youth. On dialysis for 3 years then transplanted in 1983. Alot of people ask me what my secret it and i really dont have one . I knew my kidney was a gift from god and that he doesnt take gifts away i never sat around worrying that my kidney was going to fail i lived life like everyone else ate and drank whatever i want and 34 years later my kidney is working perfectly and i havent had any rejections. My advice to new transplant patients is not to spend ur time worrying if u will reject but use the gift u have gotten to live a normall life. Diddnt u worry enough before your transplant?. So "dont worry be happy".

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  • What a great Post. My daughter is 4 years post and doing well thank God and the heavens above. She is a trooper being 7 now and living life as anyone else is. She knows she has a gift and she doesn't worry about it.  I do, but reading yr post makes me feel better for her and puts a clam smile on my face. Love life have fun. 

  • I will be aone year post transplant on February 2020 and I must say your post came right on time. Thank you and God bless. Your an inspiration!

  • Thank you.

    Hope you have a lovely Friday
  • I don't mean it in a bad way. But for me I've grown up with allot of negative experiences in my life from a young age. My parents divorced at a young age. Financiers were always difficult. Worries were always there. So I was brought up in life worrying. Until I meet my husband and his family that showed me the values of family life and positivity. Through my depression of my daughter going through everything. It was hard for me to see positive. But my mothering law lifted me up and hald my hand all the way supported me and my daughter like no one in this world. She always lifted my spirits and made me look at the positive sides. In the last 3 years she has made me who I am today. And made me see the positives more rather then the negatives. I sometimes still battle with things. But stop and think of the positives which helps me help my daughter. I love her more then anything in this world and want the best for her and the only way I can do that is look at the positives in life. If that makes any sense. :)
    • You are very blessed to have a wonderful mother in law. I am happy to hear that you have positive people in your life.

  • We all have to be happy and live life to the fullest and be greatful we have options. Always easier to see the negative rather then the positives. So we have to keep on keep on going in the positive direction. Have a blessed and positive day everybody
    • Very interesting Lucy- when you write it is always easier to see the negative vs positive.

  • I feel the same way. You should try not to spend your time worrying. Live your life to the fullest and enjoy it, I know that it is easier said than done but please give it a try.

  • Hi Elmer,

    Can you please share your daily habits. It may be helpful for us to live a long years with the transplanted Kidney.


  • Wow...great post! Thank you. I try everyday to live the way you have for so long. Thanks for the reminder!!!
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