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Dr. Reddy's tacrolimus safe?

My insurance has recently made me switch from Walgreens mail order pharmacy to Express Scripts. I've worked with Express Scripts in the past and they are an absolute nightmare. They did not get my medication delivered until today when I completely ran out despite me calling well in advance. And they had a signature required for delivery even though I explicitly told them not to since my husband and I both work. So I had to drive 30 minutes to the UPS depot at 8pm to get my medicine. Not fun, I have some expletives I'd like to say about Express Scripts, but I'm not sure I'm allowed.

Anyway, the generic tacrolimus they send me is Dr. Reddy's. I recently switched to a different transplant clinic as I moved cities. My previous transplant clinic (Barnes-Jewish) told me never ever take Dr. Reddy's. But that was 6 or 7 years ago. I'm planning on calling my transplant clinic on Monday to see what they say and in the mean time I'll take the Dr. Reddy's tacrolimus since I have no choice. But has anyone else heard not to take Dr. Reddy's?

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  • I've been on Dr. Reddy's generic formula since 2014, since it was recommended as a more cost-effective option to brand name Prograf.  I have had no problems or setbacks using it.

  • Also got my lungs at barnes in 2007, got the letter from them years ago saying to not use Dr Reddy Tacrolimus. Just today for the first time in probably 5+ years, my local Walgreens filled my Rx with Tacrolimus manufacturers by dr reddy. Did you get ahold of anyone at the transplant center? Are they still concerned about this manufacturer? I’ve been trying to dig up my letter from them, I’m fairly certain it was before 2010
    • I am no longer being followed at Barnes as I moved to a different city and now I see KU Medical Center in Kansas City. I did call my new transplant clinic to ask about it and they had never heard anything about Dr. Reddy being less effective or anything and told me to take it. I have been taking the Dr. Reddy for about 3 months now judging by when I started this post and have had no ill effects so I guess so far so good.

      Chris, if you do reach out to your nurse at Barnes to ask, can you please post again here and let me know what they say?? Not that I don't trust my current transplant clinic, but there is a reason Barnes-Jewish is one of the best. :)

  • I have not heard anything but used them for 3 years till I switched insurance. 

  • never heard of doc in uk am on adaport anyone else on this generic?will be gratefull for any replies to my question     bill

    • Dr Reddy's is a US distributor, whereas " over the pond" Sandoz Ltd distributes  Adoport. 

  • Thanks for the replies. I'm still going to call my new transplant office Monday and check to be sure, although I'm sure things have changed since 7 years ago when generic Prograf first came out. The issue my old transplant center had was when generic Prograf first came on the market back then, Dr. Reddy's was shown to have inconsistent amounts of the drug so my old transplant team sent out a letter saying no transplant patient should take it. Hopefully in the last 7 years Dr. Reddy's has figured this out. But I REALLY hate Express Scripts and this was kind of the icing on the cake.

    • That's a very wise idea.

  • Been taking Doc Reddy for over a  year.  No problems.

    • Is this Prograf or Astagraf or both?

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