Dropping Rapamune

I am in the process of possibly dropping Rapamune and only taking MYFORTIC.  This great news, one less pill!!

I have a couple of more weeks of blood test for liver function.

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  • Hi Michael,

    May I ask why?

    • They have had me on Rapamune since my transplant .  The problem is it was not approved for liver transplants.  The insurance company has started to push back. Since my numbers have always been great for 7 years they asked if I would be willing to give it a shot I said, why not.  Do have been getting blood checks a they have been steady.  I talked to the doctor today now we are waiting two weeks for the next test. Wish me luck!!


      • I do wish you continue to do well. I, myself have been off Myfortics for four years now and I agree, one less med is better. Best of luck, going forward!

        Stay Well.


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