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I eat high fat low carb for about 5years now.

1,5 years ago I had kidney pancreas. I started intermittend fasting also. I eat only once daily.

No sugar or flour. No processed foods.

Organic. We buy our meats and eggs at a local farmer. Everything grass fed and outside.

It costs a little more but I am not a big eater.

My meds are very low now and I have no infections.

I do not have a weight problem but through my new lifestyle, my crea is 0,8 my Hba1c is between 4,5 and 4,9 and glucose in the morning is between 70 and 80 mg/dl.

I want to share this, as I hope, this may help somebody.


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  • Please try hflc. It helped me a lot.

    I did not gain a lot of weight after my transplant 1.5 years ago.

    It is simple.I eat leavy greens and all low carb veggies. Get a list on the net.

    I ear protein in moderation.

    I eat lots of healthy fats such as coconut oil, olive oil, butter grass fed, lard organic, nuts seeds...

    I dont eat starchy foods, no sugar,no fruit, nothing processed.

    This boosts immune system.

    No food cravings.

    Search for Dr Marc Hymann, Dr Stephen Phinney, Jason Fung ...

    Fat does not affect kidney at all and it does NOT stimulate insulin secretion.

    Hope, this can help you, Katharina

    • So you don't eat once a day that's mostly veggie?
      • I eat once. Then veggies. Protein. I dont know exactly but I think it is 1/4  pound ... 100 - 150 gram of meat, fish pouldry, tofu ...

        I have some nuts or seeds 

        Salat if I feel it is not too much for my belly

        3/4!of my plate is veggies with really a lot of fat. This tastes great and you are satisfied. No cravings.

        Just ask. I help if I can..

  • Thank that's help for me, since steroid after kidney tx, bring my bs high. I sometimes confuse high fats, low carbs
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