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Elevated liver enzymes

Hi..Just passed my 2nd year post transplant. My lab results have always been rock solid. Today I get a call from my transplant center (Northwestern) that my ast and alt are the 60 to 90 range. I've been sitting at the 15 to 25 range since the surgery. I'm freaking out a little. Never gone thru this. Am I panicked for no reason?. I feel fine. Going back to lab tomorrow morning. Should see results on Fri. Ugh...this blows.

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  • I went through very similiar things. I was feeling normal. One one occasion I was on my way on vacation when I recieved a call to return immediately to hospital. One reading went over 600 after a routine bloodcheck. I returned and the rechecked and found elevated values and started with checks. First they rulled out infection and concentrated on rejection. They also made a biopsy and found nothing. They started with treatment and my liver responded positively and the values went down. I stayed in hospital during this time and was only released when they were happy with the values. I hope that they will find out what is the cause. All the best. 

    • Hi Willie. How long were you in the Hospital??
      • The first time it was 4 days and the second time it was 6 days. The second one was over a weekend. I recieved 5 treatments - one each day.

  • I had this happen about 18 months post tx. My levels went up to 300-400! I had not felt well for a few days and just had a funny feeling and told my husband to take me to the ER. They gave me mega prednisone IV and ran every test imaginable and could not find a reason for the rejection. Within a couple days, my ALT and AST were back to 13 and 17. It's been normal ever since. The big thing they kept asking was if I had missed any doses, but I hadn't missed a single one, so, who knows?? I hope you get it figured out! Good luck!
  • Hi Joe...I remember you telling me that earlier. My tac was lowered to 2 pills 2 x daily from 3. But the levels are above (slightly ) from where they were. That doesn't seem to make sense. I guess my mind goes right to rejection. I've been drinking water like crazy since they called..ha!. My doc there is Gangor.
    • It is stressful and very easy to go to the dark side.  I have had two lab errors, so I would not rule that out.

      My doctor is Dr Levitsky.  I met Dr Gangor when I came out of surgery - I was too drugged up to remember him, but he asked me if I would allow him to restrain my hands.  I had already removed one of the tubes and he wanted to make sure the rest stayed put.

      Good luck with the results.  Keep us posted.

  • While I have not had this happen since the first three months after transplant, there are certainly reasons other than what must be going through your mind.  It could be as simple as a lab error.  Have you started any new meds?  Has your fluid intake been the same?  I am keeping you in my thoughts - I know how stressful this  is.  Keep thinking positive thoughts.

    PS:  I too was transplanted at Northwestern for PSC.  I have a lot of confidence in their ability to find answers and solve problems.

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