I have been a multivisceral transplant recipient for more than fourteen years during which I have been on Prograf.  My kidney function according to my monthly transplant blood work has been good relative to my history, a creatinine of about .9 or so, for example, and my BUN has been down.  However, these past two months, my urine microalbumin/creatinine ratio has shot up tremendously. It had mostly stayed in single digits to twenties, and occasionally up to one hundred, but it climbed to 759 last month then this month to 1,269. I was just wandering if anyone had had a similar problem even if the blood work for the kidney appeared okay. If so, what action was taken and did anything seem to help? Does the amount of protein one gets in one's diet have an effect on how much protein is leaked? I am not going to do anything until I hear from my own doctors and transplant team, of course, and I know each person is different, but I appreciate hearing the experience of others, especially as I have not had many problems with my kidneys, them not being one of the organs I had transplanted. I have been seeing a nephrologist just to keep my kidneys monitored since I am on Prograf. Any comment is welcome. 

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