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Hello everyone!  I am new to this site.  I hope I'm not duplicating a discussion.   My husband had a live kidney transplant on 7/2/19.    We had known for some time that he had an enlarged prostate.  But, it didn't seem to be causing problems, so he didn't have the procedure to correct it.   NOW, we know how important it would have been to have that taken care of prior to Tx.

The Tx team fears, that since he doesn't fully empty his bladder, the pressure on the kidney would not be good.   For that reason, he has to self-cathetrize every 4 hours.  If you think that sounds horrible and painful, you're correct!   He has to plan his day in 4 hour intervals.  He's been on Flowmax for almost 4 weeks and hasn't helped at all.  In addition, the side effects take away all of his energy and seems to be making him depressed.

Anyone else have any experience with enlarged prostate and/or Flowmax?     Do you know how soon he could have the procedure done to correct it?   When we ask those questions to the Tx team, they blow it off and say he should talk to his urologist.   His urologist says he should talk to the Tx team. In addition, my husband's creatinine keeps hovering around 2.3 - 2.5.   We agree that that's also an issue.   But, the bladder issues are making his life miserable.


I would appreciate very much and advice or shared experiences.



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  • It would seem this is making his life unbearable and his urologist has handed the "ball" off to the Tx team for a plan off care. I would route your request for a meeting with all involved through the Tx coordinator, if you have one. At the very least, since the Tx team will be consulted before any treatment, this would seem to suggest to start there. 

    Often recipients call the Tx team for action, I suggest a written request (written requests usually stop the "volleying" of responsibilities bretween departments, they cannot be ignored(written evidence)) be sent to them, his coordinator, and his Tx surgeon. The Tx coordinator is supposed to be the liason between the recipient and the medical specialties! I do hope you get everyone "on the same page," and you both find some relief soon.



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