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eosinophilic pneumonia?

Has anyone ever been diagnosed with eosinophilic pneumonia or know anything about it? I have had my multivisceral transplant for a little over 11 years and a persistent pneumonia for a little over a year now with the main symptom being coughing up phlegm, an occasional fever, and some fatigue. I have been on several courses of antibiotics without ever completely getting rid of the wet cough. It goes through period were it gets worse and then seems to be getting better, but as I said it never completely ends and sometimes worsens some again. My doctors have eliminated a lot of possibilities with blood work, a bronchoscopy, and other tests. It appears the only two possibilities left are that my pneumonia is caused by my acid reflex through aspiration or perhaps eosinophilic pneumonia. I am still waiting on the test results done to investigate the possibility of aspiration. My eosinophil levels have been quite high for at least this entire past year or more. It was at first thought that I may have developed an allergy to Bactrim, the preventative antibiotic I have taken since my transplant. However, I was switched to a different antibiotic, and my eosinophil levels have not come down any. My transplant team has had me referred to an allergist to investigate this more. I have not really shown any other sign of an allergic reaction. I had a fever just the other day which thankfully was able to be brought down, and I think it was because I have been coughing up more phlegm again. I am concerned about what the long term effect of this persistent pneumonia will be on my lungs. I would greatly appreciate hearing from anyone. Best of wishes to all!

Warm regards


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  • Hi Bobiejo, I havent been here in a while just wanted to send you a hi and always wish you the best.


  • Every time when I have cough, I will make a pot of pear tea, orange peel tea or tangerine peel tea with honey. It's good for the lung and help to stop coughing.

    Pear tea: cut pear in small pieces and put them in boiling water for about 10 min.

    Orange peel or tangerine peel tea: soak the small pieces of the peel in warm water in about 30 min or longer.

    Don't drink ice water and eat spicy food. The ice water and spicy food will irragate the respiratory system.

    Good luck.
  • Hi Bobbiejo,

    I have no experience, but wanted to offer my best wishes and will keep you in my prayers for the very best results from treatment for you.  Get well soon!

    Merck info

  • Hello Bobbiejo

    I am sorry to hear you are going through so much.  The only thing I can suggest to you is can you take Buffered Vitamin C.

    Vitamin C has helped to correct a few things for me most recently.  Most tx centers allow their patients to take vitamin C but because you have acid reflux you might want the buffered vitamin C as this is gentle on your stomach.

    I am eating red onions and garlic (small amounts) mildly cooked. These foods might be too much for you but can you cook foods and put them through your Tube feedings?  

    Sending you so much love!! 

    • Thank you Rise for responding. I am sorry it has taken awhile to get back to you, but I had the fever come back on several days although I was able to get it down each day. The fever finally stopped returning, so I am feeling a little bit better but still have lots of phlegm. Anyway, I appreciate the suggestion of vitamin C, but I was told that because I have stage three chronic kidney disease, it would not be good to take an extra supplement of it especially as I probably get some already in my tube feeding formula.  

      I am waiting to hear from my motility doctor who is supposed to be investigating if my pneumonia is caused by aspiration based on some tests I had. It can be hard to wait, but I know he runs a busy office.

      I truly appreciate your concern and how kind you are always are for me. I hope that you are well and are enjoying to the utmost your week.

      Love and hugs,



      • Hoping you have some good news. You are very welcome!!

        • I hope you find the source of this soon!. So sorry to hear this is dragging on. :-(

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