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Hello all. I'm new to this site and hope to find some helpful information on the liver transplant process. My fiancé is very sick and been battling this disease for almost two years. We began seeing a liver consultant since then and periodically see him. At the beginning of this, We were told his MELD score was around a 19 but needed to go 6 full months of sobriety before being evaluated to be on a list. He went the six months  and we expected to be evaluated but.....the doctor didn't feel it was necessary to evaluate him at that time and said to check back in a few months. At the time, we were thrilled because we didn't need to be on the list. Now however, I'm started to wonder why in the world we weren't. A few months ago, he had a bad case of encephalopathy and had to be hospitalized. Since then, we've been in and out of the hospital because his levels are all over the place. His MELD score from our calculation is 0ver 30 now. So here's the deal. Before he got sick again, he slipped up and drank. He was so upset with himself he actually checked himself into rehab. He was only there a few days before they sent him to ICU because of his levels. Now he needs a transplant more than ever, and he hasn't been sober for 6 months so every doctor has told us they will refuse him. Does anyone have any advice? He deserves this and he's fighting so hard and Is such a great person. We are desperate for knowledge on what to do.

Please help!

Bless you all for your strength!

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  • I know they take alcohol very seriously.  I never had a drinking problem myself. But I was told pre-transplant I could never have another drink.  Not even one glass of winr on my 25th anniversary!  And, they added, if they ever had knowledge that even had one beer they would not treat me or see me post TX.  They ain't playing around.

    You could try a different TX hospital/program.  But I think it unlikely to help.  If he has to go 6-months sober in order to live then that's what he has to do.  In the mean time, follow ALL the other requirments and be on a liver friendly diet.

    Blessing to you both.  

  • I'll apologize for my bluntness in advance, Okay?
    A liver transplant surgeon would not want to waste a precious gift of life on someone that may not appreciate it enough and go back to alcohol. Livers are very hard to come by. If he slipped up, then he's not a good candidate. It was his foolish decision. Sadly...
    However, I will pray that he turns his existence to God for the strength to change.
  • Rhianna you sound like the kind of person who is a great care giver for your fiancé, so you must keep telling  your fiancé he must continue to fight.  6 months is a very short time to wait for the life time together.  

    I wish you good luck and hang in there, it will happen!

  • Hi Rhianna,

    I always write with a bit of trepidation because I'm no expert!  However, I will share with you that I was in a similar situation.  

    I think it's important that you two focus on today more than on an end result.  That's something you can't control except by mastering today.  Your fiance needs to get back into rehab if at all possible because he must convince the transplant facility that he will never again compromise his liver.  This has to be corroborated by current evidence.  I was practically dragging myself to rehab before completing the course.  Swollen with edema and ascites, propped up with pillows, my memory tagged by encephalopathy, I persisted because there was nothing else I could do to prove my commitment to never drink again and to demonstrate my desire to live.  They made me complete the program, 10 weeks.  I was also fortunate to have a provider (nephrologist) who was willing to speak on my behalf with the transplant facility and with the rehab.  After completing the course it was only a few weeks before the transplant was completed.  

    I am sorry for your quandary!  I hope and pray that one day before long I'll hear that this situation was reversed and that your fiance is doing well with a fully functional liver!  


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