Hello Friends.  Has anyone yet received Evusheld injections for pre exposure prophylaxis for Covid?  I am 5 years post first kidney transplant and doing well. My transplant team just sent out a letter encouraging this.  I was just wondering if anyone else has received it and how it went.  Side Effects?  

Thank You and God Bless All

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  • Hi, I got my first Evusheld injection last month.  No side effects at all other than a sore butt for a few hours.  I feel safer knowing I have some antibodies on board!


  • Given this (02/2022) I'd hesitate: "

    Omicron variant escapes therapeutic mAbs including recently released Evusheld ®, contrary to eight prior main VOC

    Boschi C, Colson P, Bancod A, Moal V, La Scola B. Omicron variant escapes therapeutic mAbs including recently released Evusheld ®, contrary to eight prior main VOC. Clin Infect Dis. 2022 Feb 16:ciac143. doi: 10.1093/cid/ciac143. Epub ahead of print. PMID: 35171987.
    Try the proven "safe-and-effective" prophylactics and (EARLY!!!!) treatments against C19 at FLCCC's regimens (updated periodically): https://covid19criticalcare.com/covid-19-protocols/i-prevent-covid-...
    It must be true, cuz I read it on the internet
    I-PREVENT Protocol | FLCCC | Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance
    Critical care physicians dedicated to researching and developing protocols to prevent and treat COVID-19 at all stages of disease.
  • Yes I had it no side effects but had a lot of history antibodies show up after the shot. Did an IVIG infusion they all went away.

  • Hey Chris - yes I received a letter from my transplant team regarding Evusheld.  They adamantly want me to get this med.  I'm heading to the University of Wisconsin in Madison on Monday to get mine.  I will report back here if I get any type of side effects.  I am 20 years post SPK.

  • I received my injection on 3/8/22. All went fine and there were no side effects. Zero. I celebrated having some relaxing of Covid restrictions and the antibody injection with a week in Miami and a trip to the Grand Canyon. Just had my quarterly Doc visits and my numbers were the best yet, with the exception of that pesky PTH spiking a tad. I would highly recommend Evushld as the Vax did nothing for me.

    Covid finally found me mid June and I had the usual list of sides. They changed daily and they were minor. 3 weeks in and just not quite full steam at the gym yet! I believe Evusheld really helped with no associated problems.

  • Great news


    Health Canada authorizes Evusheld for the prevention of COVID-19 in immune compromised adults and c…
    Health Canada authorized Evusheld for the prevention of COVID-19 in immune compromised adults and children.
    • I'm happy for you!  Let me know how it goes!


  • I went for mine yesterday, but recieved a big surprise.  They gave me a 3 pg info sheet to read.  The line that effects me is, "More kidney TX patients with existing heart issues, Including heart attackl)  had SERIOUS heart issue after the Evusheld shots than those who did not have heart issues.  I have a narrowing & leaking Aeorta valve, so I did NOT take the Evusheld shot. Heart surgery requires dye be used. Kidneys don't filter dye well. I won't take the chance of losing my new kidney, and my heart is doing fine now.  Please check all information on the shot.  It's experimental. Not enough history.  Nowhere else did I read the heart issue info, except on the clinic's info.  SO happy I got the info before I got the shot.   

    • Patti,

      (You're the smart, cautious woman I wish I had married!) Kudos to you for guarding your health! (There are MANY psychopaths who pose as MDs circulating widely in medicine these days.)

      I had C19 pneumonia 12/21 (pre-KTx). After 5 days in ICU/(!)refusing Remdesovir, I slowly recovered. ALL my MDs wanted to give me an mRNA E.U.A. clotjab; and I take warfarin permanently (for post-PE/DVT prophylaxis!)

      I'm waiting for pre-KTx cardiac retesting again, with a recent EKG stating my HR has drastically-slowed since 12/21. (For me, I think that's good, as C19 can cause a >HR + mine was slower before C19.) "FDA-approved" means NOTHING to me ever-again. Dr. Ryan Cole has 17 state licenses as a medical pathologist. Here's his short take on "trusting the science": Dr. Ryan Cole MD video; 07/23/22 https://twitter.com/drcole12/status/1550699093625753601?s=20&t=... ”never give a vaccine to someone recovered from a disease” @00:04:32

      Likewise: Dr. Paul Maric states that "the Covid-recovered should never receive any Covid (C19 clotjab) vaccine"! https://rumble.com/v164bcj-exclusive-interview-dr.-paul-marik-pierr... at 00:28:25 published 05.25.22

      To all those who took the Evusheld injections: Have your MDs performed D-dimer tests afterwards? Have you been pre-tested for existing antibodies to C19 variants? 

      If anyone knows Dr. Cole's contacts, I'd be interested in hearing his take on Evusheld. (He PREDICTED the pathologies of the mRNA clotjabs BEFORE the pathologies showed up under his microscopes...)

      There's a host of OTC suggested defenses (some Rx) at FLCCC's website for C19 prophylaxis. I'm not a doctor to recommend individual items to post-KTx patients but I suspect most would not interact with immunosuppressives adversely. Obviously, check with your provider/a reputable pharmacist before adding them to your regiment. Most are very inexpensive; some have been tested (ie.: see https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/34926142/ et al.)

    • So when you met with your transplant team and pharmacist to get your prescription for Evusheld, they would've raised any concerns or possible medication conflict if you got these monoclonal antibodies.

      As with every medication there can always be adverse affects, just like the medications you take for your transplant. Because something happened in one instancesdoesn't mean it happens all the time.  The team will weigh the pros versus cons of taking anything and proceed from there to best protect you, so again I find it odd they didn't raise concerns in your meeting.

      I can't help but scoff at your experimental comment but to each their own.

      Wish you the best going forward and hopefully you find something else besides vaccination to help protect you from Covid.

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