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Hi Friends  I am due for my 6 month Evusheld booster this month.  I just received notice that my Transplant Clinic will not be offering this, as the new CDC guidelines in October suggested it will soon not be effective against new variants.  When I read the CDC Guidelines for myself, it actually said that they do not know if it is effective or not, but it is still useful in protecting against many variants of Covid.  I am not able to take the Covid vaccine due to severe reaction after the first.  I am really concerned about having some protection.  I mask, social distance, etc.  Has anyone else encountered this?  It says many health systems in my area of MI have the vaccine available.  I'm just not sure how to access it.  Thank you!  And Bless everyone with good health!

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  • My second Evushield vaccine has been suggested not recommended as was the first.  I did take the COVID-19 Bivalent Shot Vaccicne and flushot October '2022 which is to give the best protection for this new flue & virus variant.  I caught the flu being around some children and that is all.  Doing fine now...

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