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Exercise after transplant

Hi all,

Hope everyone's doing well. I am 5 months post kidney transplant. Currently I am sticking to walking and stretching. I was thinking of including cycling too. I was wondering if it's safe. Would love to hear your thoughts and opinions. Apologies if this has already been discussed earlier. 

Thanks in advance.


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  • Hey there, I am 2 years out of my transplant and I have been back in the gym lifting weights and playing basketball.  Not saying that this can applied to everyone (only you can know the limit of your own body), but for me I felt comfortable pushing myself and doing some heavy weights lifting again.  So far no issues but of course I am still being mindful of how I am feeling i.e. my heart rate, BP, exhaustion, etc.  My suggestion is wait for after your 12 months mark and then start out slow with your daily cycling.  Good Luck!

  • Also, my Drs told me 6 weeks and I could ride a bike... Once my incision was closed... 8 weeks they said could go horse back riding and do whatever felt good...
    • My doctor has told me to strictly avoid horse riding... For the rest there are no restrictions except that he has suggested restricting to walking for the first 6 months... and the rest post the 6 months...


      • I'm at Rush in Chicago, they have 100% success rate. This is what they told me to do and I'm doing awesome and my numbers are great and I feel strong... I'm also a competitive dressage rider, I have been riding my whole life. I think it's different for me, I don't get bounced around on a horse. Good luck...
  • Hey there,

    I had a transplant on April 5th. I was in sooooo much pain after and my hemoglobin was very low and I could not walk more then a few feet. But I'm 37 and have three year old. So I had no time for being out of it for a year. I started walking a lot and after about 6 weeks biking, then at 9 week I went to the gym and stareted doing strong curves, a book I was reading. The exercises are against your own body weight at first and doing the elliptical and swimming. Now, I biked 13 miles yesterday and am lifting 45 - 30 pounds at the gym. If you go slow and push yourself but don't hurt yourself you will be fine, taking care of your body is very important... For BP, strength, and happiness...
    • Thanks Mary for sharing your experience... Its so insightful and a great learning source... Your exercise regime sounds awesome... 

      Currently I am cycling for a mile and walking 3 miles per day... Planning to increase my cycling once my neph gives the go-ahead... 

      Cheers... and love to your three year old... :)

  • I'm 5 mos post and just got on the bike today for a short 3 miles. I have been walking lots and with my teams permission started kayaking again but just recently. 

    • Thanks Patrick for your response... Kayaking sounds fun...

      Meanwhile I have going light on the cycling part... have been doing about a mile per day and around 3 kms of walking per day....

      Planning to increase my cycling once my neph gives the permission... 

      Cheers... take care..

  • Pratik,

    Start slow, maybe a resistance band.

    Also look at

    There is a group for Exercising as well where yo can find additional information.

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  • Obviously ask and listen to your doctors, because everyone's situation varies.  But my doctors told me I could do anything non-contact that I could tolerate after two months, and I didn't run into any problems.   

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