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Exercise Routine post Transplant

A big Howdy to all your warriors out there!!

I am one year post renal transplant. I wanted to ask what exercise routine you guys follow (if at all). I am trying to recover from some muscle loss by building some muscles over my bones. Apart from 30 mins of cardio (treadmil, open strides and cylcing), I have started to try a little weight lifting workout.I am not trying anything above 2.5 kilos but trying to push myself to do my best with this weight (light weight lifting regime). I am currently using butterfly, shoulder lift and bicept lifting machine. I want to ask if this is safe for me? My doc says it is fine within the weight limit. I do not feel any sort of pain or anything during and after exercise. 

Please share your opinion. 

Thanks a bunch!!!

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  • Hello Shaz, 

    I do Crossfit but I feel very tired after that, planning to quit next month :( ... . I think reular gym and swimmign few days a week will be good option. 


  • I started with cardiac rehab for a few months - after Liver Tx was put on Heart Tx list.

    I went from there to the gym, signed for 2 years and had a trainer once a week who got to know me and my body.  I went 5-6 days a week for almost 2 years and it saved my body.  Get diet on point then find my way to gym even if just stretching therapy.

    Glad I did as my CNS has freaked out about 8 months ago - after too much immuno and Shingles.  So in chronic pain and now down to 3 days a week, very light and short.  I did 100% machines, except for curls for a while.  Especially the cable driven machines as they give you good tension but still some control as not to hurt yourself.

    I train my GF a little bit now - but a good trainer can really assist.

  • Listening to your transplant team, then your body are probably the best things you can do.

    Since my immune system have been weakened by the meds, I try to take it easy on days that I just don't feel that great. (I'm around grandkids that get sick often.)

    I had a heart transplant and try to get to the gym about 4 times a week. My sternum has been cut open three times. Doctors gave me a 50 lbs weight restriction. Exceeding that amount causes incisional discomfort. So, I'm careful about which machines I use. As far as any butterflies, forget it.

    The vagus nerve has been cut, so the resting heart rate is higher now, typically, high 80's to low 90's. It takes a while to get my heart rate up.

    Doctors have said that is is OK to use the steam room and sauna occasionally. When neuropathy bothers me, I get on a bike instead of the treadmill.

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