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I started this year with a new job here in Berlin. I was looking forward to this. We moved here in December 2014. I had no idea what will be happening in this year and what was lying ahead.

My Sickness – First Giant

I became sick and was eventually 71 days in hospital and went through two liver transplants and many examinations and tests. I was also in a coma for 9 days. I went home earlier than expected and all the doctors were amazed by my progress. I went home on 19th May and then my recovery really started.

First Setback – Second Giant

After being at home for a few weeks I got a phone call from the hospital and they wanted me to be back at the hospital again. I was feeling ok and had no idea what was happening. At the hospital they informed me that my body was starting to reject my new liver.

They picked it up in the blood tests and they had to stop it. I was a few days in hospital and then they discharged me after the liver was functioning again.

Second Setback – Third Giant

One morning I could not stand up and had some pain in my right leg. We went to the doctor and he said that I had thromboses in my right leg and I need to go back to hospital again. I went back to hospital for treatment and was in hospital for a few days and was discharged again after they were happy with the progress in the treatment.

Third Setback – Fourth Giant

During my sickness I was paid full pay for the first 6 weeks and there after the insurance took over. The insurance only paid 68% of my basic salary and that caused some financial implications. The Lord provided in a miraculous way. My financial setback was wiped out.

Fourth Setback – Firth Giant

On the 23 October I went back to hospital for my 6 month examination. Many examinations were scheduled on this day. One of the examinations was an X-ray of my lungs. The outcome of this examination was not good and they found something which was not there before. I re-scheduled me for another CT scan to get more information some days later. This confirmed their original finding.

I had to go for a biopsy and was scheduled for this a few weeks later. Many doctors were clearly concerned about this. I had my biopsy and the initial results were released this week and I was informed that there are no cancer findings. They send it now for a further microscopic analysis to see how the medication needs to be adjusted for the future.

 This was the last giant to try and kill me and this one was also defeated. I praise the Lord because I know there is truly a purpose in my life as the enemy tried to prevent this. We have experienced an INCREASE in this year. I HAVE A BETTER HEALTH and I know that the Lord have done many miracles in my life during this year and I praise Him and Glorify His name. 

The doctors even admitted that there is no medical explanation for my speedy recovery. My medical recovery gives them strength and hope to carry on with their work.  

The Story of David and Goliath means so much to me.
I Samuel 16 and 17 

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  • Great story!

    One thing I Iearned was that with TXs, you're just along for the ride.  It's all up to God (and the TX Team). 

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