Hello friends! Is anybody taking Farxiga? My neph prescribed it; however, insurance denied it bc I am currently on immunos. Has anybody had any luck obtaining approval of this med?

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  • I am almost 4 years post liver transplant and have diabetes and elevated blood pressure. As part of trying to preserve my kidneys my primary physician has placed me on Farxiga. I have to make sure I drink fluids constantly and my kidney function levels are checked frequently as are my liver enzymes. A year and a halk in my kidney functions have improved 10 points and diabets is well controlled with blood sugars in 5.2 range. This drug has been a positive game changer for me.

  • Farxiga, Invokana, and others in its class carry the warning about dehydration and therefore may cause more of a risk for kidney transplant recipients, as say Trulicity would. Your nephrologist knows you best, so follow their advice, but this is likely why insurance is getting in the way.

    Farxiga Side Effects

    • Thank you for your reply! 

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