Fear and Loathing visits to my Tx Center

Hello all,

For months now I have been heeding the directives of my local government, staying home and limiting my exposure to any possible infection risks, like everyone else. This isn't much of a change from how I live my life everyday, pandemic or not. I routinely wash my hands ( too excess?) and social distance sufficiently to avoid the risk of any infection,  much as you all have. 

I, unfortunately have resisted going to my Tx center to perform my monthly blood work, first, because I became very I'll late in January and throughout February,  which I attributed to a case of influenza (Covid-19?,) then, from a general fear of contracting the pandemic virus. As fate would have it,  I had to break this pattern to attend to a foot issue, deciding  to get  back on track with my monthly labs. Though very nervous, I found that the protocols in place by the Tx center and performed by some extremely dedicated employees, I was pleasantly reassured that I was completely safe to pursue remedies for my issue and that my momentary foolishness did no impact my kidney function. I also tested negative for an active Covid-19 infection, as well.

I have always said "knowing is better than guessing (or hoping.") I truly believe a uniform testing protocol should be adopted, nationwide and available to all. I also believe, we as species, will overcome this present pandemic and that eventually a safe,  functional vaccine will be developed to protect the public, banishing this pandemic to the realm of the uncommon and treatable. Please reply with your views and experiences. 

Stay Well, 


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  • I'm also sheltering in place. I venture out only for essentials and follow social distancing protocol. Fortunately, I was able to get home draw during this period of isolation. I can get out and walk since I live in a fairly rural area. 

  • 1. I check the local government's data regarding Covid-19 patients daily. We have a very high volume in the state. But we have a very low volume of Covid-19 patients in my local city. 

    2. I work directly with ER patients including Covid-19 patients. I do believe it will be ok if we have proper protections. I do have extra precautions. 

    3. Wearing masks and hand hygiene are the most important. 

    4. I delayed my appointments of labs and nephrologist for about 2-3 months because I don't think it's urgent. 

    Take care. 

  • Hi

    i have been in higher state of social distancing since late January because I can't get a flu shot at this time,have been doing labs weekly since TX. The lab changed to by appointment only and U must have face mask and answer there questions before you go in to lobby to wait no crowds.this works well so far, the lack of tests in my area must be why they haven't done it yet I feel safe with this.Keep a smile 😊 on

  • I've been isolating since about early February. And I agree 100% that it's really not much of a change in lifestyle for me.  I've had a number of appointments done via my computer. But I also have had monthly labs drawn from my port. I'm not entirely comfortable with the Medical Day Care Unit I have to go to get those labs (it's kind of crowded). But I've felt comfortable enough the last 4 months. And as I've been more careful, so have they. Their protocols have improved during hte last few months and I've started being more careful (masks, etc when I go).

    I've noticed a bit of smugness among a great many transplant folks. And I'll admit that I do it myself as well. The rest of the world is learning to be paranoid about infections and now worries constantly about either getting sick, or infecting a family member. We and our families have been in training for this our entire transplant lives. Yes, it's more serious than it normally is, but remember that we have an advantage here. Proper safety in this Covid-19 world  is learned behavior and we learned it long ago.

    As with so many of our other problems. This too shall pass. Hang in there Kidneyboy. We're here with you. Stay safe.

    • You are all awesome. Tough, resilient, informed. helpful, knowledgeable, compassionate, understanding. I feel like finally someone "gets" me and I'm no so lonesome. I found a home. Thanks to all for sharing. You are all so strong and brave.

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