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First Time Missed Tacro

I am 2 1/2 yrs post kidney tax and just missed my first dose ofvTacro.  I have a call into my team. I fell back to sleep last night and missed taking it.  It is 4 am and I just woke and realized it.  I am freaking out and crying. Is anyone there? I need reassurance. I take only 2 mg in am and only 1 mg at night. 9am and 9pm. Steroid avoidance. 500mg Cellcept in am. Labs were good June 21

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  • I know I made light of missing one dose, however here are some tips to develop good routines to prevent a reoccurance. 

    • Keep your meds in the same place, one that is central to your movements.
    • Take your meds at the same time every day and night.
    • Buy a dry erase board from the $ store, not only to keep track of daily doses, but also for when you are running low and need to reorder (more for us mail order folks.)

    I use these trick to remind myself and stay on track. Good luck and do your best!

  • You have to be care full to remember the medicine timengs. I have kept reminders in my mobile, watch so that wont miss a timings for medicine.

    Having done all, I too missed 2-3 times or dont remembered whether taken or not. It happens and I never took Prograf when I remembered. I am 15 months post transplant. Doing fine. 

  • All I can say is that I agree with everyone else. As humans, we all make mistakes. The best we can do is try to find ways to prevent them from occuring again. So try to continue taking the Prograf as well as you have been which is definitely great. I wish you well and hope that your labs may remain good. 

    Warm regards,

  • Hi Chris,

    Take a deep breath and relax! You are not going into instant rejection from missing one dose! I don't hear this rule much anymore but the directive was if you miss a med and it is more than 4 hours to the next dose, take it. Less than 4 hours, wait for the next scheduled dose time. The half-life of Prograf is a few days and it stays with you long enough. I wouln't test that theory, nor make this a habit. I assume your Tx team, like others, wants you to freak out about missing a dose, it shows you will be compliant. Life goes on.

  • I'm also on steroid avoidance. And I'll admit that once or twice per year (on purpose) I will take a mental health day and skip my pills in the am (obviously, not the day before labs). I will be 17 years as of early October with my kidney. Missing the odd dose is no big deal. Just don't make a habit of it.

    Otherwise, I make sure I always take my pills on time. It is important. Good job doing the first 2 1/2 years without missing. Excellent work

  • Thank you everyone! I took the next dose due at 9am at 5 and will resume regular schedule. The team said no worries. Once will not harm kidney and not disturb labs in 3 weeks. This is still scary at times for me. Thanks again for your support. God Bless

  • Hello Chris, 

    It happned with me as well. I took my meds after 6 hours.  Everything was okay. 

    - Amit 


    • I had to comment on your photo!! I just got an 8 week old German Shepard! Beautiful dog

      • Thanks Chris, yes they are wondefull dog.  He is 16 month old now :) . 

  • If this is the first time you missed in 2 1/2 years that is an exceptional record.  It happens to all of us from time to time. A single missed dose, especially after two years, is not a threat according to my team.

    My rule of thumb for a missed dose:  If it is 4 hours or less since it was due I take the dose, if it is more than four hours I wait and resume my normal schedule.  My team is OK with that.

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