• They are wanting me to take it to lower my triglycerides.  I'm willing to try anything.  They also put me on Glipizide, thinking that my mildly elevated glucose from time to time could be a trigger.  However, they believe STRESS is the biggest culprit.

    • Hi SL

      Today on Dr. OZ he mentioned how Consumer Labs reviews many vitamin supplements/protein powders etc. The site seems busy now but it is worth looking at as they review the best and worst fish oil pills.

  •   well I for one dont belive  that fish oil works ,  Not that I have cholesteral issues ,  but I did take it for bout a year and my numbers  didnt change ,   but I do eat a lot of  Wild   salmon ( not the farm raised stuff that you see in most super markets } ,   both of my brother in laws take fish oil  and they are not seeing any differance in numbers either , 1  has now switched to Krill oil which he has found less taste side effects ,  But  I do belive that fish oils  the right brands  has some bennefitts in them .....

    • Did you have your CRP taken? This is a good marker to know after a few months if Krill oil is helping you.

  • Hi SL

    I do believe in taking Fish oil. As you know not all brands are created equal.

    Several months ago, I bought a blend of Cod Liver oil, skate oil, coconut oil, butter oil from Green Pastures. You can buy pills but I prefer to buy a jar of the blend and I just add it to my gluten free bread.  From this blend, I will say that my vitamin levels of A, E and K came up to normal. I have a digestive problem so I am grateful for this improvement. My D is still low but hopefully in time it will come back up. I bought an additional cod liver oil from Green Pastures so I am hoping together this will be the perfect match for me.

    I also buy Krill oil from Dr. Mercola (online)

    My kidney function was always normal pre and post transplant (Double lung recipient) but I did see a steady improvement when I went gluten free and started to take Fish oil supplements. 

    I am a firm believe that what we eat will keep our organs healthy.  

    My A1 C also greatly improved. Everything we do that is healthy will help us. 

    Sorry, I will have to get back to you on how many mg I take.  Here is a list of their products. I believe you can speak to one of the nutritionists there who might be able to guide you.  Here is the blend that I take. I currently take one teaspoon daily but along with a teaspoon of their Cod liver oil.  Prior to this, I was taking three tablespoons per day.  I do not feel I need so much now.

     By the way, what has your clinic told you? Does your doctor recommend fish oil for you. what have they said about probiotics?  I have seen some studies online for kidney patients. Google your way and I am sure you will find them.

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