Fk506 or Tarcolimus through levels

Hi Guys it has been 1 month since my second kidney transplant i am on myfortic 720 twice a day and prograf 3mg twice a day i am still on prednisolone currently 25mg but reducing dose every week.

I have been doing fk506 or trac tests every week now, the lab results show tarc level at 29 which is higher than usual. I started prograf 5 days after Transplant with a very high dose 7mg twice but lab results back then show it really high, since then i have been reducing the dose but the lab resulsts shows the same range 30 or 29 ! Isn't that weird, keep reducing every week or so and get the same results? 

Anyway my creatinine levels was 1.1 and now going up to 1.5 i wonder if prograf toxicity is the cause? 

Thanks Everyone

Much love.






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  • My nurse told me to take  the test one hour early I mean before 13 hours so the tracolimus is right .

    I take track at 9 pm so I go next day for la. And taking my blood at 8 am and then take my track at.8 pm 

    • Thanks Kelly it went down finally. The dr told me that he dont wabt to reduce the dose aggressively in order to avoid acute rejection.


    • Thanks @Kidneyboy but my cr is at 1.5 not 29.

      Too many factors ;) 

      I wish all the best health and long happy life

    • Right 

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