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I'm getting to my all my one year mark.  I am at 10 months as of a couple days ago.  Since the weather has changed all the foliage in my area is making me have intense flashbacks of my surgery and the months before and how sick I actually felt. I got married two months before my transplant.  I looked really ill.  It really hurts because at the time I was oblivious  that one could and would get better. So its very hard for me to cope with the flahsbacks? Any one have any helpful hints to combat or aid them?

Thanis!! :) 


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  • I am 2 years out next month.  I only have one picture of myself just post transplant but I do have many images that pop up.  While at the time they seemed distressing I have worked in the medical field for a long time (well used to) and it just seemed like another experience.

    I have rededicated myself to nutrition/exercise.  Whether vanity or just my Type A personality, I feel more confident by the day after exercising.  It took a while to feel comfortable in the gym until I realized everyone is doing their own thing so I needed to do mine.  It is a challenge but it also gave me a good focus.  I can now create more of my own goals that assist with my physical recovery - And THAT is a great mental rehab as well.

    It is a fine line between recovery and rebuilding.  I was in recovery for a long time until a bit of my brain power kicked back in and I decided to go on the offense.  Just what has worked for me.

    Good Luck,


  • I'm glad u posted about this. I'm currently 8 months post transplant and I thot it was just me...hugs.
  • THANK YOU to everyone who has commented!!!!! It has helped me so much this past week or so in dealing with my flashbacks.  I love the concept of holding onto the better memories you are creating now you are not sick.  I'm staying strong thanks for all the love and support <3 <3 it means the world !

  • Sure, write how you're feeling. I'm an artist and I did a self-portrait during the first year post transplant. Other techniques towards coping are things like meditation, deep breathing and yoga. However, if you are strong enough inside, why not just let it come up and see what it is you're afraid of ? I found that whenever I did that, the scary thing was never as scary as I thought. However I was so out of it, I don't have conscious memories of the surgery. But our bodies remember and it is scary~ we almost died but we didn't ! I used to think of myself as a transplant victim but now I think of myself as a transplant survivor. And time does make things better. It DOES get better ! Now, go out and smell the flowers~ life is good.

    • Hi Ono, love your comment. What synchronicity I'm doing a self portrait right now and I'm in my first year. I love your positivity

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  • I love this video on EMDR

    EMDR is for PTSD

  • The idea to EMDR therapy is to think about the event that is troubling you while practicing EMDR therapy.

    The video here is very relaxing- there are all kinds of emdr videos.

    . the video following it is more therapeutic for me. Maybe it will work for you?


    A video about the practice of EMDR

  • Hi Alicia. I will admit up front that I didn't have a lot of flashbacks, but my first year was filled with paranoia. My first cold/infection, meeting strangers, driving again, eating out....and the list went on. And of course.....what about rejection??????? The good news is that everyone goes through this sort of thing in one form or another. And I've noticed that once you are past that first major hump of your first transplantaversary, these things fade.

    As Kidneyboy (I believe) mentioned, you have to put some effort into filling those areas of paranoia or flashback with new, positive thoughts and memories, but it's worth the effort.

    The emotional well being of a transplant tends to take a bit longer than the physical. I suspect because often emotional trauma and scars run deeper. But don't worry, you are going to keep feeling better and better and will find a good balance for yourself

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