Flu Precautions

The flu epidemic, as you all are aware, is just getting worse.  I'm curious what kinds of precautions you are taking regarding exposure to this deadly disease.  I am a heart transplant recipient of 9 years, received the flu shot Aug 30th and am diligent about hand-washing already.  Do any of you avoid public places/events where it is difficult to maintain a safe distance from people?   My transplant clinic has advised 1) flu shot, 2) hand-washing and 3) stay away from people coughing, etc. displaying symptoms.  I am finding that is difficult to do especially when there are people coughing everywhere...    It may be overkill, but I'm taking a leave of absence from choir and church for now, because I can't sing with a face mask on :)  Plus I just don't want to take the risk.

Would love to hear what others are doing...what does your transplant clinic recommend?


Thanks!  Beth

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  • I just found out i cant get a flu shot i am only 3 months post transplant. Thats a little concerning considering its just around the cornor. I asked the dr and he said wear a mask everytime i leave the house.  Little disappointed as was so happy to be free of the mask. Worried that short of wearing some major contraptions i will get sick, i dont think i have the strength for a sick event.

    • That's unfortunate but I guess you just have to look at it like a few more months of suffering before all the benefits are the for you

      I caught a cold about four months after my Transplant and sure it took a little longer to get rid of,  but it did go away.  Just part of the deal

  • I always joke that I'm sponsored by Purell since I use it so much lol.  Washing hands, Purell, staying alert and keeping an eye on the people around me seems to have kept me in good shape so far.  I don't shy away from public places at all (ie sporting events, movies, restaurants etc...), but I make sure to stay as clean as possible.  If people are sick or coughing, I move away from them....nothing personal, just business :)

  • I stay out of the public until I have no more symptoms. I also have follow up with my doctor to make sure. Take your medicine. Use Lysol Disunfectuve spray on anything that I touch ----- door knobs, light switches, and in the the air. Cough into your elbow not your hands. Drink plenty of fluids,

  • I am in seventh grade so I wash my hands if I touch anything and if someone starts coughing I breath through my shirt, so far I havent cuaght anything.

  • Thank you everyone for your comments..  I plan to continue what I am doing..

    Stay healthy!!



  • Hi Beth, I was given the same advice and I keep to that by avoiding crowded places. Washing hands is important. 

  • Hi Beth,

    You are well advised to be fearful.  This year's strains are dangerous for the immunosurpressed.  Avoid crowds in enclosed spaces.  Even places like supermarket lines can be trouble.  This year's Super Bowl may be the world's largest petri dish!

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