Foamy urine

Hi,Been getting foamy urine for a few days. Creatnine was 1.25 during the last labs but there were traces of albumin. Did any of you experience this? Is there something that should be done?

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  • Hi 

    Got my labs today. Creat is 1.32 and all other labs are fine. But there is presence of microalbumin. Doctor has asked me to do a 24 hour urine test. Is this normal or something to be worried about? Been eating a little protein and been exercising a bit more than usual. 

    My blood pressure is 140/90 most times. 

    • Overall, this is good news and suggests it is a lesser urgent issue because of your Creatinine level is drifting down. Albumin is a component that when found in the urine may be a sign of a kidney issue, though your lower creatinine does not agree. The 24-hour collection will yield a more complete urine analysis and clues for where the team will look.

      Besides timely dosing, diet changes, and hydration, there is little, you yourself can do about most issues. This is where faith must take the lead, not only in God but in your Tx team to resolve this issue. Try to concentrate on factors you have control over and leave the worry of all else to the team. Good Luck

  • Hi KC,

    No nephrologist has ever asked me how foamy my urine has been. In fact, when I pushed for an answer to this question, it was met with "matter of fact" answers as to cause, like I had asked if the color of my shirt affects my Tx. It is just not a factor in judging kidney function! I wouldn't even guess how a measurement could be taken. Color, foul odor, and output, yes...but foaminess, no.

    There is plenty of issues to watch for, like BP, weight gain, fever, and pain to occupy your time, let this "issue" fade away.


  • My creat is higher always but like Coravh said your trends/stability are yours so ideally you keep a reasonable baseline.  Also diet would obviously impact.

  • I've always had protein in my urine with my transplant. Initially part of it was from the old kidneys. But part of it was also due to some of my meds which can cause proteinuria.

    It's important to look at the big picture. Is your blood pressure ok? Creatinine? BUN? Potassium? Hemoglobin?

    Eat a healthy diet and don't binge on animal protein (hard on the kidneys) and keep hydrated. I'm not over 15 years post transplant and while my labs have never been "normal", they are stable. And relative stability is what you are looking for. Look at labs over time, not just one result.

    And discuss this with your doc. Changes do need to be investigated.

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