Dear Friends,

I am 2 years post my second kidney transplant. Things have been pretty stable but last month the creatinine started increasing. My doctor did a biopsy and found Mild Anti-Body Mediated Rejection (ABMR). The doctors in India gave me 2 doses of Rituximab injections a week apart along with high dose of steriod. The creatinine is now on decreasing trajectory. 

I am visiting US this week though. I will be Seattle for 2-3 months and would like to have a follow up with a Nephrologist. If anyone has a reference for a Kidney Center or Hospital who specialise in post transplant care, please pass on the reference for Seattle area.

Thanks for all the information and support.




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  • Thanks for the information Kidney Boy and Nipun. I got my tests done here in Bellevue, WA and all things came as normal. Right now I do not need to visit any doctor and I have enough medicine for my stay. The infomation about the centres around Seattle will be useful during my stay. Thanks for the help.

  • Please reach out to the Tx centers in advance and make an appointment.

    Appointment dates are not easily available in the USA. Therefore, plan in advance.You will also require a referral email from your nephrologist in India. Carry sufficient medicines for your stay in the USA. Also, get health insurance for the time period you stay in the USA. 

    Message me if you need additional info. Thanks!

  • I do not have experience with these centers, but the links below will provide information about Tx centers in the area.

    Virginia Mason

    Swedish Medical Center

    Univ. Washington Medical Center

    Transplant Center | Virginia Mason Medical Center, Seattle, WA
    The Transplant Center at Virginia Mason Medical Center, offering the largest kidney transplant center in the Northwest, also specializes in pancreas…
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