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  • It interferes with the absorption of the anti rejection medication , Flushing it out of your system. Not a good idea.
  • I had my surgery at mayo, I am on cellcept and Prograf I was told to avoid grapefruit and pomegranate and seville oranges (I think )

  • Hi Kelsey,

    I struggle greatly with the food limitations. I had my transplant (liver) on 12/34/2017. They told me no grapefruit or pomegranate as it effects our meds. They also told me no rare meat, no raw shellfish,, no store made salads, no salad bars or lunch trucks. They also told me not to eat at restaurants that seem unhealthy and to be very sanitary. I am a bit of a foodie and do a lot of cooking myself, I am yearning for a medium rare steak, all the other stuff I can work around. One of my many doctors told me if I want a medium rare steak go ahead and have one, just don't eat one every day. Her philosophy was after what I been through live a little and a lot, don't regress. The consensus of the doctors is why chance it, cause if you get sick it could mean 2 to 4 weeks in the hospital. All said I will have my medium rare steak on occasion, and pretty much eat what I want being a bit more mindful of what goes in and whats around me.

    Good Luck,

    Tom S

    • Yes, this is about what I was told too at Stanford. My Tx was Aug.9 2017. I still have my blood tested every week due to de stabilization of the immune system and kidneys. I never used to cook my own meals very often , now I do. I treat myself every now and than to my Thai food , but am disciplined to cook my meets and salmon a little longer. I found if I buy the salmon with skin and cook it longer on med low heat with skin on the grill. It will cook all the way through, of course flip it several times..until cooked all the way through. And the skin keeps it moist and tasty. I use to put salt on everything. I stopped that, now I can taste the natural salty flavor of the food . I'm seriously finding I'm developing far better habits with food and am enjoying it. I'm trim, fit and great complexion because of this diet. I kinda like it. My muse is my painting and dancing.
  • Kelsey thank you for this post. Wow, this is alarming me. The only one they told me not to have is grapefruit. No mention of the others, nor chocolate, nuts and cheese. That almost sums up my breakfast also yesterday and today . I better call them ...... although I had a liver transplant. I wonder if that's the difference?
    • I just called Stanford and it is only Grapefruit. Thank God! This is a great question though , I do believe it was answered by Hostess Rise. For sum reason they said it's fine to eat all the other fruits . Although you do have to watch the genetically modified oranges as they may have been crossed with grapefruit to make them larger.
  • Thank you for your comments. I know I can't have them the question was why? As for strawberries, I've never heard that. The chocolate, nuts, and dairy make sense if you're still on dialysis and you're supposed to be watching your phosphorus levels. Otherwise you should be okay.
    • I have never had to do dialysis, so maybe that's why I have never heard of some of those restrictions.
  • I was told that it was not compatible with some of my drugs.
  • am fortunate i dont like any of those  fruits mentioned.when i was on meds to clear hep c virus they said to avoid these also seville oranges.cant see why they should slow apsorbtion.shame as if they are anti aging id drink buckets of them.think ive aged 20yrs on these immuno meds.i hate the side effects.sooner they cut down the dosage the of health to you all BILL

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